16 April 2014

haul | sephora vib sale

My purchases from Sephora's sale, because I have no self control. May I also add that my sister and I bought nearly the same things? The only things she didn't get are the Bobbi Brown brush, NARS eyeshadow primer, and the First Aid Beauty exfoliator. We concluded that it's because she's going back to Ohio in a few weeks and we can't have the luxury of abusing using each other's makeup and skincare for a long time.

bobbi brown | blush brush
I don't know how to justify spending $50 on a brush. Sorry, yo.

I've been using Urban Decay's Primer Potion up until this point. I've been noticing that it tends to get a little cakey and not blend as well. It's not just the current one I have, but the ones I've used in the (semi recent) past too. Lots of people rave about this one, so I'm hoping it'll exceed my expectations.

I've heard tons of good things about Tarte, and I've always wanted to try their blushes. I remember Coco featuring Exposed in a post, and it's been on my wishlist ever since.

Aka 'why did I spend $45 on a blush??' (blame Claire).

first aid beauty | ultra repair face moisturizer
My sister has a bottle of this and I really liked it, so I bought one of my own. Now that warmer weather is approaching, I don't want to be using a heavy moisturizer in the daytime. This one is perfect!

This isn't a new product to me - I've raved about setting sprays a ton and I always recommend them to people that can't seem to get their makeup to last without touching up. My favorite brands are Motives and Urban Decay, so I get either one depending on which is more convenient for me at the moment.

first aid beauty | facial radiance polish
Got this as a 100 point perk in a deluxe sample, mostly because I'm looking for a gentle exfoliator to bring with me when I go to Canada.

urban decay | naked 3
I'll admit that I totally lusted over this just because everyone else was talking about this. It quickly lost my interest afterward - I was mostly thinking "it's pinky toned, so it might make me look sick." It wasn't even initially going to be a purchase, but once I saw it in store I knew I had to have it even without swatching. It's a beautiful palette, and I don't regret it at all!

Did you guys get anything from the sale? Let me know in the comments!

Until next post,

13 April 2014

life, lately

I would like to start off this post by saying oh my glob, I met Nitraa B on Friday at her meet and greet in Queens Center Mall! Someone offered to take a picture of us, but I found out my phone camera crashed and I got a grey block as the picture after I left. I thought it'd be awkward to go back to ask for another one. I'm such a wimp. /cries

Anyway, this is a compilation of some of the more interesting pictures I've taken during my break. I was debating on whether to show off my Sephora purchases during the sale, but I think I will save that for next post. It should deserve a post on its own, yes? :)

Some of the few pictures I took in Canada - the closest I've been to a squirrel ever, and the flight back at night. I remember it being really cloudy so I couldn't see much of the lights after takeoff.

....and guess what, I'm going back! I'll try to take more pictures next time~

Fun at work, done by Vennesa!

Some of the lunches I've been eating - such an oxymoron, lol.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles band aids in Target!! I remember when their movie came out in 2007, nobody wanted to watch it with me so I literally went to watch it by myself while my mom and sister watched something else. 

And finally, some of the stuff I've been watching on my time away. I'm sure many people have heard of Card Captor Sakura, it was one of my favorites as a kid! Now that I'm older (and have better senses), I prefer the English subbed version over dub. The voice acting is pretty terrible in most dubbed anime anyway. And don't even get me started about the censorship on the slight homosexual hints in the American version - even though this is a show intended for kids. Just my opinion of course. I will only silently judge you.

Valve came out with a documentary, Free to Play. It revolves the lives of a few professional DotA2 players who competed for a million dollar grand prize. There's a lot more to say about this, but I don't even know where to begin. And when I do there will be paragraphs upon paragraphs on this subject, so I won't. You'll just have to trust me and watch it - I think (hope) it will make sense even if you aren't familiar with games like this. Even Jeremy Lin says DotA is a way of life ;)

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09 April 2014

some favorites + i'm back!

First off - so, so, so sorry about the unexpected, unannounced hiatus. I don't have an explanation - I just haven't really been feeling it lately. I've also been avoiding this blog and blog-related emails like the plague, so I apologize for that as well. Anyway, onto the post - I thought it might be appropriate to introduce some products I've been liking a lot during my time away from here n____n

Finally, a perfume that I can say I truly love and look forward to putting on every day. There are some others that I like, but I can't say it's something I would want to use every day. It's a nice, light, and fresh scent - quite sweet, a little floral, a little spicy when the top notes start wearing off. I won't bother going on any further with describing the scent since I'm not the best at that - you'll just have to give it a spritz (or in this case, a roll) when you get the chance.

My favorite concealer by far. I'm skeptical of all concealers in general, but I remember Rikki mentioning it in one of her posts. It doesn't look cakey, powdery, or find its way into fine lines like most concealers I've tried. It's also really easy to work with and doesn't catch onto dry patches, which is a huge plus for me. Honey in particular is great for masking stubborn under eye circles.

skincraft organics | fresh cut deodorant
I hated using deodorant in the past because the store-bought ones always leave a waxy film that's difficult to get off in the shower. Yes, I'm aware I give off a terrible stench when I sweat (everyone does!). No, I'm not putting deodorant on. Since this little gem came into my life, I've been looking forward to putting deodorant on every day. Which sounds silly, because deodorant is one of the least glamorous things out there. I love that it's made from natural, organic ingredients that don't do harm to your body. It doesn't smell like jasmine and ylang ylang like the description says, but it's still a pleasant scent. You will still sweat - and that's a good thing, because that's what your body was made to do - but offending body odors will be kept at bay.

urban decay | grindhouse sharpener
At first glance, I totally wasn't going to shell out $10 for a freakin' pencil sharpener. I decided to give it a try anyway when I needed an extra bump for free shipping and couldn't find anything else with a small price range. It has a smaller sharpener for eyeliners, and a bigger one for shadow sticks. Blows. Me. Away. Never before have I sharpened a pencil with such ease, sharpness, and precision - ok I'll stop. Did I mention that it doesn't break the tip off either? But seriously, it's worth the hype and price.

One of the best lip care products I've tried. I dislike that it comes in a pot that you have to dip your finger in, because it's more prone to getting little pieces of dust in the lip balm and that just drives me nuts. That, and it's not exactly sanitary to be dipping a (possibly) dirty finger into which is why I only use it when I can wash my hands (aka home). Other than that, it's a nice and basic little product that keeps my lips moisturized and happy! Also, this smells nothing like jasmine. It's still a nice scent, though.

Until next post (and I promise it won't be 2 months later),