30 September 2014

september favorites

Not many favorites this month, but oh well. Does this mean I'm saving money yet?

anastasia beverly hills » dipbrow pomade in ebony + brush #12
My favorite brow product at the moment. I loooove how crisp I can make my brows look with this. It's also quite easy to use, though it does take some time to apply versus a brow pencil. A little bit goes a very long way - I've been using this since the beginning of the month and there's probably enough product to last me a lifetime. I bought Anastasia's brush #12 to use with it cause I don't have anything else, but honestly I think any thin angled brush would work. I still like it though, and it works well with the dipbrow so might as well include it in the favorites :P I also have a review of dipbrow, here!

The BEST primer I've used by far. It's a water-based primer (unless I'm wrong), and it works like a dream. I noticed that my under-eye concealer doesn't cake up or look blotchy compared to silicone-based primer or no primer at all. It does feel a little tacky upon application, but it wears off after maybe half an hour or so. It's a sample size right now, but I'm getting a full-sized one as soon as it runs out. Bonus points for having SPF - though it does have a slight white cast with flash photography.

I think this is something that everyone loves, but I'm just late :P I remember my sister having this years ago - as in, probably when I was still in high school - and she loved it so much and used it every day for her inner corner highlight. I bought this months ago and never really got around to using it until recently, and I love it for the inner corner highlight as well. I don't know what it is, but I like it a lot more than my other inner corner highlight shades.

That's it for this month! Not a ton of favorites because I'm trying to not go toooo overboard on makeup. The next few months favorites will probably be from what I already own, but it's not bad to give old products some love ♥

28 September 2014

almond shaped nails

almond shaped nails
essie licorice △ sephora by opi i'm wired △ triangle studs

I've always liked the look of these, though I didn't think I could pull them off cause I personally don't like longer nails on myself. But these, I think I could grow them out a little, file the points out more, and make them look like... proper claws ;) It's the start of a new journey, guys.

26 September 2014

maker faire

maker faire 2014 new york hall of science

One of my good friends came to New York from Seattle last weekend! His name is Kyle, and he's one of my friends from Canada. He's working in Seattle for a couple of months, and he got the opportunity to fly over here for work at Maker Faire. Sadly we only got to spend two hours together since he's here for work after all - hopefully we'll have more time than that, next time!

say hi to kyle!

I got there pretty early, and Kyle was still working so I was free to roam around for a bit.

hatsune miku go kart

hatsune miku go kart

When I say roam I mean stick by the racetrack 'cause of the aptly named Mikuvan. This was basically teams of people that built go kart-esque vehicles and racing around. Interestingly enough Mikuvan was the fastest one, even though it nearly toppled over in some turns.

portal companion cube

mechanical alligator

When Kyle got on break, I was too busy ignoring his calls and messages to chase down and get pictures of this giant alligator.

pad thai

Pad Thai for lunch! It had the shortest line, for good reason.

mechanical giraffe

A giant, mechanical giraffe. I asked Kyle what it was for, and he simply said: "Nothing. People make these kinds of things because it's something they enjoy doing. It doesn't have to be for anything." Or something like that. I probably made it sound more eloquent, haha~

Something I don't know much about, but Kyle was interested and asked many questions. I just took one of their sticker cards and pretended to know what they were talking about.

Inside the Hall of Science.

A dark room filled with LEDs. Kyle got especially excited and said "Makers LOVE LEDs!"

She was making the bowls of water vibrate with her mind! I think it also had to do with her making slight movements, like shifting her eyes. We didn't understand it, but it was pretty cool anyway!

I've always wanted a pet lizard or iguana. Maybe I'm weird for thinking this, but they're really cute! These were next to a tank of giant hissing cockroaches from Madagascar. Why.

One of my favorites. It seemed like he did the headtilt for the picture, haha. While this may be the end of the post, I still have a lot of pictures to share - so there will be a part 2, sometime!

24 September 2014



Tonight's sunset. I was about to take a shower when I noticed a red-pink glow from the window. When I looked outside... wow. Just wow.

22 September 2014

review | anastasia dipbrow pomade

anastasia dipbrow pomade review

anastasia dipbrow pomade review

Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade: It's the product that everyone and their cats have been raving about since it came out, and for good reason.

anastasia dipbrow pomade

anastasia dipbrow pomade

Both the jar and box packaging are pretty so I had to include both, but in that ~artsy~ way where one has to be out of focus. The color I picked out is the darkest one, Ebony. I think the color selection is awesome cause this is the first product that I have that goes with my hair - the others are either too reddish or straight up black, which I don't prefer for my eyebrows.

It's really easy to go overboard with this product - the first time I used it, I literally ended up with Sharpie brows, no joke. I wish I could pull off that kind of brow. But whatevs, I went out like that anyway. The teeeeniest tiniest impression on the gel is all I need from the angled brush. Unless you like a bold brow of course, then by all means go bananas with it!

anastasia dipbrow pomade before and after

Before and after. Please excuse the bad coloring, I'm still playing around with the camera settings. But then again I've always been bad at doing these kinds of pictures, so it's probably me and not the camera! I also used this on the last eye makeup post, and I probably will be using it on many more to come!

20 September 2014

wheresoever you go, go with all your heart

artbox panda planner

artbox pink panda planner

Okay, $20 is a pretty steep price for a planner. But it's very cute and colorful, and I look forward to using it more than the non-cute planners I've bought in the past. It's from Artbox, and I'd provide a link but sadly I can't find it anywhere online. It's really helpful for scheduling blog posts - if you haven't noticed, I've been blogging on a slightly more consistent basis ;)

(Even if it's not been so consistent for the past couple of days. I'm working on it!)

artbox pink panda planner

artbox pink panda planner

Themed pages for different months, even though you're supposed to circle the month in. So I started where September would be, and even though it bothers me that I'm starting in the middle of the planner, I think it'd bother me even more if the theme didn't match with the month. First world problems here.

artbox pink panda planner

The spine has a cute touch to it, too. Everything about this just screams CUTE and it makes me feel VERY CUTE and productive using this planner.

16 September 2014

it could be a tutorial...

But it's not.

urban decay ammo palette, tarte rainforest after dark palette

tarte rainforest after dark palette, urban decay ammo palette

Yeah I dunno. Mostly playing around with Urban Decay's Ammo palette (one of my favorites!), Tarte's Rainforest After Dark palette, and my camera. Cause I tried but picture tutorials are a lot harder than they look so I ain't posting something that I will immediately regret. Maybe next time!

Oh and uh I really like how my freckles turned out in the first picture. Whenever I do foundation I like putting on just the sheerest layer so it'll even out my skin without covering up my freckles or beauty marks. Also you can see ALL THE BUMPS AND FINE LINES (and peach fuzz, and those eyebrow hairs that I broke while trying to pluck) on my skin with this camera. Good stuff here.

14 September 2014


Hung out with Pramod recently, who is an old friend of mine. We usually hang out once or twice a year and somehow we still have this great connection where we can talk about whatever we want and insult each other to the point of no return. It's been nine years since we first met in middle school... It's been a long time, and that makes me feel old!

12 September 2014

waterloo | clay & glass museum

Hi. I meant to do this post weeks ago but... I really have no excuse except for laziness, haha.

James and I went to the Clay and Glass museum after brunch at Coffee Culture, where half of the museum had nothing to do with clay and glass but rather the architecture of some of the buildings in Waterloo and Kitchener. It's interesting seeing the concept sketches and plans, and how an idea can turn into something big like that.

Some map of the Kitchener-Waterloo area.

Blurry, but one of my favorites! The onl part of this gallery I remember is photographs on easels or something like that.y

I guess some kids were having a field trip to the museum or something, since there was a big sheet of paper where it looks like they were supposed to draw their own concept sketches. Obviously a lot of their drawings had nothing to do with that. I wonder what that thing Justin Bieber is holding.

Now, onto the clay and glass part of the museum! We've got some pretty hipster looking pieces here, and a failed attempt at a selfie.

Some of my favorite pieces.

Djikstra's algorithm in C on a bowl. I know nothing about this as I'm not the one studying computer science - but James thought it was cool and said he would eat out of it so I guess it's something noteworthy.

Some parts of the gift shop. I wish I could have taken one of those sheep home with me, but I I'd rather spend the $35+ on makeup and clothes instead.

On a different note: I never know how to end my posts, but I always thought the "until next post, Becky" was dumb even though it's a... somewhat nice way of closing the post. I think I'll drop it and just awkwardly and abruptly end my posts from now on. BYEEE