02 September 2014

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Canada, oh Canada~ I really enjoyed my time with James at Waterloo. This time, I got to stay for an entire week and of course it was really sad to go. Even the most mundane things like dishes and grocery shopping is fun with him - and to me, those are surefire signs that someone is a keeper. He's working for the next eight months in California, so there's an even greater distance (and time difference!) between us. The next time we visit each other will possibly be in December or January, so that's quite a way to go...!

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Michelle (second from left) and Brian (also second from left, in the back) left us earlier this month ;( Working at Joju was just a temporary summer job to them, but we all had tons of fun together. I love how close-knit we've become. Boss #2 took this picture with Michelle's Instax camera and I instantly regretted not bringing mine - which is why I'm bringing mine with me everywhere I go now!

Staff appreciation day, at Six Flags. This is my favorite picture out of the bunch. A week later, my legs are still sore from all that walking!

Some random ones. The first picture was raining while it was sunny, even though you can't really tell. I love it when that happens :) The second is the train station at 74th and Broadway, can we say hipster?

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Ordered from flushingfood.com 'cause I was too lazy to cook anything for lunch. It's pretty awesome! It seems to be a delivery service for restaurants in Flushing, that don't do delivery. If you live around the Flushing area, I definitely recommend! They even delivered to a friend that lives in Fresh Meadows!

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  1. Great pictures!! I totally wish we had a delivery service where I live!!