10 November 2014

review | dolce & gabbana the blush luminous cheek color in tan 22

dolce & gabbana blush tan 22 review

dolce & gabbana tan review

Ok, so a bit of storytime - Dolce & Gabbana blush in Tan is my faaaaavorite for contouring. So of course I'm gonna want to repurchase it during the VIB sale, except it's sold out online. I went as far as going to the Sephora in Times Square to get this, and that's saying a lot since I'm a super lazy person and would pick online shopping over carrying bags home, any day.

Anyway, I asked the sales associates if they had Dolce & Gabbana Tan - they did! It was the last one and one of them even showed me inside the drawer to prove it, haha. It was totally meant to be. The sales associates even said it themselves. This would be a good chance for a review since I've got a brand new one for OPTIMUM PHOTOS, but my thoughts will be more complete since I've been using this product for a little over half a year.

dolce & gabbana blush tan 22

The new one is so shiiiiny. I don't know why, but it's really satisfying comparing old and new products.

dolce & gabbana tan review

Anyone else feel like a lot of the cost behind high end cosmetics is in the packaging? I'll admit it makes me feel a lot fancier than I actually am, though. It even comes with a dust cover to keep it warm on chilly nights!

dolce & gabbana tan contour

Wearing just Tan as a contour, without blush. I wonder what that the little speck is under my birthmark.

dolce & gabbana tan, benefit hoola, tarte park ave princess swatches and comparision

Comparing D&G Tan with the other two bronzers I own. Benefit's Hoola looks more orange even though Hoola supposedly lacks an orange tone, and Tarte's Park Ave Princess is redder.... maybe.

  • Even though it has luminous in the name, it's not shimmery or glittery at all which I prefer for my contour. It's more ashy/cool toned than most bronzers, making it emulate the shade of natural shadows on the face. It looks pretty natural as far as contouring goes.
  • Very easy to work with - super smooth, easy to blend out, and not patchy at all. It lasts pretty much all day on my face.
  • It's a lot sheerer than I thought it would be (see cons), which makes it easy to build up and blend out without overdoing it.
  • The $$$, obviously - though it's worth every penny! It's $45 for .17oz of product, while most higher end blushes and bronzers have twice the amount of product for around $20-$40. I've heard that NYX blush in Taupe is pretty close, but I haven't tried it since I always had a hard time making NYX blushes work for me in the past.
  • It's a lot sheerer than I thought it would be (see pros), and I'm slightly disappointed that I have to layer this quite a bit for it to show up the way I like it, though most people don't pile on the contour like I do. I go in even more with Benefit's Hoola underneath the cheekbones on most days.


  1. This colour is beautiful! I'm not into shimmery glittery bronzers either so this seems perfect! Looks really lovely on you, so subtle :)

    cottonandcandie xx

  2. This is such a beautiful contour colour, and the case is gorgeous too! It's definitely loads less shimmery than the other two. I may add this to my Christmas Wishlist, it was going to be Hoola but this looks a lot better!

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

  3. Oooooo this is gorgeous!! The packaging is stunning and the color looks great on you!! Sometimes it's OK to splurge on nice stuff like this hehe!

  4. gotta love a little splurge here and there ;)) This is absolutely stunning! I never wear contour, but this is super tempting! Gorgeous!


  5. They have the prettiest packaging! I haven't tried contouring but would LOVE to learn! It always makes everything look so much better. I shopped the VIB sale. I just made VIB Rouge status. I love beauty products! Loving your blog.


  6. Wow, that is such a perfect contour color. Must must try it x

  7. That looks amazing! I love the gold packaging.. So pretty

    Please let me know if you would be interested in following eachother on GFC and Bloglovin.Would love to stay in contact.

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves


  8. Love the packaging :)
    And yes, I do think that the packaging adds a lot to the prize. The quality is really good too (mostly) so that adds too... and the brand name ;)
    I really love the color of this one. I seldom use bronzer or blush because I never use foundation. On me bronzer and blush does not look good when I do not wear foundation.
    I have VERY sensitive skin so I have yet to find a foundation that I can use ;)

  9. Oh it looks perfect for you! Looks very natural on your face. I am loving the packaging - so luxurious and it's nice to have a little luxury everyday. :)


  10. Thank you! Funnily enough I want to try nars Laguna just cause of the name, even though it has a touch of shimmer in it... But I know I probably wouldn't like it :P

  11. I think hoola is still a great bronzer, I use it almost every day to make my contour even deeper haha. The other ones aren't shimmery actually, they're all matte :) I'm sure either one would look great on you!

  12. Heheheheh I might have done A LOT of splurging on that sephora sale.....

  13. Hahaha, it doesn't help that I qualified for Vib rogue because of that recent sephora sale....definitely no splurging or spending, for a long time! Tan is one of those products I see myself buying over and over <3

  14. Hahaha, so did I, how the heck did I spend 1000+ on makeup >________> I learned my contouring from Jaclyn hill on YouTube - I'll link the video when I can, currently on mobile :P

  15. I'm sure it'll look gorgeous on you, just like everything else does ;)

  16. Same here! Fancy packaging makes me feel like a queen, even if my messy room says otherwise.

  17. Ohh it's such a wonderful shade! It suits your skintone perfectly <3 xo

  18. It definitely makes me feel all glam and fancy ;)

    Maybe try just concealer where you need it? I do that on most days actually. I'm terrible at managing my time in the morning and before I know it I only have 15 minutes to get my makeup and outfit on :P

  19. Here it is! The brush she uses is pretty expensive, but I find that the brush that comes with Benefit blushes work just as well.

  20. Aw, thank you! <3 Expensive-looking packaging makes me feel like a million dollars, haha~