03 August 2014


After reading Jennie's post about rediscovering her blogging identity, I realized that I lost mine. I'm always so caught up in wondering what kind of posts will get more views and comments are (as vain as that sounds - but you know you've been there too!) that I forget what I really love to blog about. I used to have a blog ages ago and I'd update nearly every day because I loved it. Granted it was more of a private blog shared with close friends. But I didn't care about getting a ton of views or comments and I wrote about what I truly wanted to blog about, and that made me happy.

I went back to that old blog today to read what I used to post about. It's mostly a lot of day to day things - the little things I bought that made me happy, ranking up in Starcraft 2 (which I do want to go back to!), the sketches or drawings I was working on, and boys of course haha. Of course, I should figure out what kind of content is more appropriate for this blog as it's more open to the public (that sounds strange), but I can work with that. Plus I feel like my posts used to have a lot more character because I didn't care about being some dainty beauty blogger. I'm not saying there's something wrong with that - but it's just not who I am.

So I think I'll do more of that. To start it off, the picture on the top of this post is Boss #2's drawings of marinating sauces for various meats. Big Wei said "Even Zoie (Boss #2's three year old daughter) can draw better than that!"

Until next post,


  1. I can't wait to read your upcoming posts, it's so lovely feeling free to write about anything without worrying if it will be popular <3 xx

  2. I sometimes feel like when I write stuff and don't try as hard/don't care as much they turn out better as well! Write about whatever you love! I personally like reading random posts that aren't beauty related :)

  3. Great post, I agree, it is difficult to keep a grasp of your blogging identity. I love your blog and I have followed you with Bloglovin and GFC. If you ever get the chance to check out my blog I would be delighted, thanks!

    Camille xo.


  4. Yeah! I'm getting all excited thinking about writing the next post, haha. I think that's what blogging should be like!

  5. A lot of the time I felt like I had to make everything super perfect and I'd end up not posting at all because I wasn't happy with it. Not a good feeling! I love random lifestyle-ish posts as too, but I don't think I'd give up the beauty posts anytime soon either!

    And oops, forgot that I had to email you - will get on that soon ;)

  6. Of course! I always try to check and comment back, though sometimes I slip up a little hahah. Thank you for the nice comments <3!