31 August 2014

recent favorites

star violet - recent favorites

Hey! It's been a long time since I've done a favorites post, so I'm kickin' it off with some of my recent ones. Maybe I'll be consistent enough to do one next month too, but we'll have to see about that ;P Lol at my phone cause how do you put an intangible item in a favorites picture anyway n_______n

star violet - beauty blender, nars creamy concealer in honey, bobbi brown tinted eye brightener in porcelain bisque

nars | creamy concealer in honey
bobbi brown | tinted eye brightener in porcelain bisque
It's summer and it's hot, so on most days I opt out of wearing foundation and go for just concealer. I've written about the NARS concealer before and I still love it! Used in conjunction with Bobbi Brown's tinted eye brightener, it definitely looks like I've been well-rested :) The way I like to use these is putting a few dabs of the NARS concealer right under my eyes, and swiping Bobbi Brown's tinted eye brightener in a V shape under the concealer.

beautyblender | the original beautyblender
Speaking of concealer, my new favorite way of blending it out is with a Beauty Blender. Yeah yeah, it seems like everyone has one and they either hate it or love it. It's so easy to blend out my concealer with this and I don't have to get anything on my fingers, which is a huge plus because the feeling of stuff on my fingers bothers me a lot and I have to take an extra trip to the bathroom to wash it off (first world problems, I know). I also like this because I can wipe Benefit's Watt's Up!, my cream highlighter of choice, off my fingers and onto the wet sponge. Heh.

anastasia go brow kit - brow pencil and clear brow gel

anastasia beverly hills | brow pencilclear brow gel (from their go brow kit)
My new favorite brow combo! I got these in a small kit along with a tiny pair of tweezers. I like my brows looking very natural, so the brow pencil is perfect because it's not too soft and doesn't deposit too much product. My eyebrows grow downwards in some places, so the brow gel is great for keeping them in place all day. A lot of people seem to like Maybelline's clear mascara as brow gel, but I find that it just doesn't compare to this one.

fresh citron de vigne shower gel

fresh | citron de vigne shower gel
While I really disliked the rollerball of this scent, I love the shower gel! It smells very citrusy, with a tiny hint of bitterness to it which I really like. So it's not just like straight up lemon or straight up orange like most citrus scents, but more like a blend with a little something to it. I like to think it makes me smell a little more grown up, haha~ It's a little drying to the skin even though it claims to be moisturizing, but I think that's true for all shower gels anyway.

psycho-pass: extended
{ edit: unknown source. probably from the official website? }
psycho-pass: extended
Usually I don't go for dark and somewhat gory shows like this, but I'm in loooove with this one. The storyline takes place in the future where it's possible to scan and "measure" how dangerous a person can be, and can determine whether they are criminals even if they haven't committed a crime yet. Except there's the bad guy of course, who isn't affected by that system and can commit crimes as he pleases. James introduced it to me - he's watched the original show, but we're currently watching the extended version together. It's still airing, so we have to wait a week between each episode. As always, I would recommend Japanese audio with English subtitles n_______n

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27 August 2014

six flags!

On Monday, the bosses closed down the shop for staff appreciation day and they treated us to tickets to Six Flags :) It was my first time there and my first time on roller coasters that go upside down, and it was scary. I had to have someone hold my hand for almost all the rides, except for the carousel cause I'm a wimp like that. Yes, even on the kiddy ones (ESPECIALLY the kiddy Ferris wheel, because that thing is so tiny and me, Ashley, Kiki, and Brian crammed ourselves into one cabin) because everything becomes a hundred times scarier after the big rides.

I guess I should say here that some of the pictures aren't taken by me. I hope you can tell from the terrible Facebook quality.

After going on the Superman. Everyone was saying that it's a good starter ride because it's not scary but I ended up crying (only little tears!) and screaming everyone's ears off. We went on Green Lantern after that, which goes upside down AND YOU'RE STANDING so it makes everything worse. Insert more crying and screaming there. The last roller coaster I went on was Bizarro, which wasn't as bad as Green Lantern but still pretty bad for me, haha.

El Toro! But I didn't go on because Brian said it's wooden so it's not as smooth as the ones made out of metal. That and, there's only a lap bar so it "literally feels like you're going to fly off." He hates that one, too.

Lost parents. Not lost kids.

The guys and the gals~ We wanted Jessie to lay down on us because she's the manager, haha. Not my favorite picture of me but it's the memories behind the picture that counts, right? So it's ok if you don't look good in it, as long as the memory makes you happy. We were trying to make the guys do that heart thing but Jon and Brian were having a lot of trouble. ("That's not even a heart! That's a square!" Jessie says.)

Everyone besides me, Brian, and Flora went to ride Nitro and the Batman after lunch. Flora's just as scared of roller coasters as I am and refused to go on any of them, and Brian and I didn't want to throw up after eating all that food. So we bought some ice cream, walked around to the arcade, and decided to go on the big Ferris wheel because that's peaceful, right?

Nope, Ferris wheel of doom. I say doom because every time they stopped it to let people on and off, the cabin stops abruptly so it's swaying in the air. Also because it seemed to be going fast for a Ferris wheel. The view is pretty from the top, though!

The winner! I insisted on naming it Jon (first name) Becky (middle name) but everyone else insisted on Jon (first name) Bri (middle name) so I guess I'll have to accept that. Jon Bri now sits on top of the fridge near the counter, and it's our store's mascot.

The carousel, which was the funnest ride for me. There's something very relaxing about being on it, and watching other people's horses (and chickens) go up and down.

Selfies, with Ashley and Brian. Ashley's seriously the cutest!! She's so short and huggable and she gives me this face whenever I call her cute because she knows I'm saying that she's cute for being so short. I usually don't take selfies, but I realize it's nice for remembering the little moments. It's easy to match memories to pictures.

When we returned to work the next day, I'm pretty sure I heard Boss #1 say, "Who was the first to cry?" and Jessie said "Becky."

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24 August 2014

waterloo | coffee culture

coffee culture, our coffees!


Coffee Culture was where James and I had our "first date" so of course I wanted to go back. I think it's very cute that they have outdoor seating and a coffee table surrounded with couches inside. And they give you ceramic mugs if you're staying, which makes it feel very homey! Even though it's a chain cafe, this one in Waterloo has a special place in my heart ♥

coffee culture - note the odd decision of the direction of my flatware

coffee culture - new york cheesecake with berry sauce

He likes his coffee black like his heart and soul, while I prefer mine more sweet and milky. I got a grilled cheese with salad, and he got some kind of other sandwich (turkey possibly?) with salad as well. We decided on cheesecake after our meal, and it was a lot bigger than it looks. I haven't had cheesecake in a long time, so it's a good excuse to enjoy it with someone I love!

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06 August 2014

sephora shoppin'

clinique take the day off balm

'Sup guys! Another Sephora haul here, though it's nothing too interesting this time. I repurchased Clinique's cleansing balm because I'm really close to running out - it's my favorite cleanser right now! People either seem to love or hate cleansing balms, but I think it's the best cleanser I've used so far since it, er, cleanses very well without leaving my skin feeling dry. And this is coming from a girl with super dry skin that will flake within minutes of not moisturizing.

fresh citron de vigne

fresh citron de vigne perfume

To bump my order up for free shipping, I got Fresh's Citron de Vigne rollerball which I don't like, unfortunately. I think the scent warped a little from the heat, since the bottle was pretty warm to the touch when I got it. Either that, or it might be too bitter/herbal for my taste. I'll be exchanging it for something else, probably.

ole henriksen 3 little wonders

ole henriksen 3 little wonders

Pretty much the other reason I placed an order online, a 7 day sample of Ole Henriksen's 3 Little Wonders. I was thinking about using this on my trip to Canada because it's so travel friendly, but I've read somewhere that a good rule of thumb is to never try out new products while traveling since you don't know how your skin could react to it. And you probably don't want to be traveling with angry skin! So far I've used one of the sets and it's plenty enough for two days. Nothing bad is happening so far, so I'm assuming that my skin agrees with it!

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04 August 2014

shot shots shots shots shots shots

Boss #1 just returned from her trip to Vegas and got us all shot glasses. Boss #2 went to Cancun the week before and returned with shot glasses. I'm visiting my boyfriend in 11 days (!!!), so maybe I should come back with Canadian shot glasses for everyone.

Until next post,

PS - I hate that song.

03 August 2014


After reading Jennie's post about rediscovering her blogging identity, I realized that I lost mine. I'm always so caught up in wondering what kind of posts will get more views and comments are (as vain as that sounds - but you know you've been there too!) that I forget what I really love to blog about. I used to have a blog ages ago and I'd update nearly every day because I loved it. Granted it was more of a private blog shared with close friends. But I didn't care about getting a ton of views or comments and I wrote about what I truly wanted to blog about, and that made me happy.

I went back to that old blog today to read what I used to post about. It's mostly a lot of day to day things - the little things I bought that made me happy, ranking up in Starcraft 2 (which I do want to go back to!), the sketches or drawings I was working on, and boys of course haha. Of course, I should figure out what kind of content is more appropriate for this blog as it's more open to the public (that sounds strange), but I can work with that. Plus I feel like my posts used to have a lot more character because I didn't care about being some dainty beauty blogger. I'm not saying there's something wrong with that - but it's just not who I am.

So I think I'll do more of that. To start it off, the picture on the top of this post is Boss #2's drawings of marinating sauces for various meats. Big Wei said "Even Zoie (Boss #2's three year old daughter) can draw better than that!"

Until next post,