30 January 2015

life, lately #4

tiny succulent

Succulents actually need to be watered frequently. Not super frequently, but they still need to be watered. It's true that they can survive without adequate amounts of water, but it doesn't mean that they should. Just like humans. And unfortunately mine has slightly shriveled leaves because I guess I didn't take the dry air from the heating into account. So I have to take back what I said when I first got it!

harry potter and the chamber of secrets

When Vanessa mentioned that she didn't finish a single book in 2014, I'm like, well shit, I didn't even pick up a single book in 2014. In my previous relationship my ex (angrily) voiced that fictional books were dumb because it wasn't even real, so therefore it was a waste of time. And being the pushover I was, I listened to him. I've said it once and I'll say it again: Never let someone change something you like to do. Unless you honestly agree that it's for the better. I guess it carried over even after we broke up, but now I'm making an effort to start reading again.

Currently I'm rereading Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, because Harry Potter is my favorite series and I haven't read any of the books in a long time. I'm starting off with Chamber of Secrets because I don't have the first book, and I don't think I have the sixth one either. It's a sad way to start off a series ;-; I don't think I'll buy the first book, because James has a copy and I'll ask if I can borrow it from him when he returns back to Canada. I like to read for about an hour before I go to sleep. It's a good way to end the day.

blog organization

I'm really happy with where my blog is at the moment. I may not have the thousands of followers we all wish we had, but I'm really satisfied with my content. I think the most important thing is that I can genuinely say I enjoy all the aspects of blogging, from taking and editing pictures to writing posts to commenting and replying to comments. It was an on and off thing at first, but I think anyone who blogs - or anyone who has a hobby, really - feels like that from time to time. Sorry for the blurred out text though, those are upcoming blog posts that I am keeping a secret ;)

messy survey of ancient art notes

Classes started on the 28th, which was when my MetroCard conveniently expired. Who starts classes in the middle of the week anyway?? I have a bunch of electives and one art class because all the other art classes were full or the times were inconvenient for me. And the art class is at 8:00 on a Saturday morning, which is just dandy.

28 January 2015

beautylish haul | charlotte tilbury, sugarpill, & inglot

beautylish haul - inglot duraline, sugarpill mochi, inglot 121r, charlotte tilbury makeup bag

I placed an order on Beautylish for the first time not too long ago. It was mostly for a makeup bag and eyeshadow, but since they have an ongoing promotion for $10 off $50+ for the first order I decided to get a few more things. From the gift-like packaging to the personally handwritten note, I felt like it was so lovingly packed! Definite A+ for the customer service.

charlotte tilbury makeup bag

I hope you're not too let down when you find that instead of buying Charlotte Tilbury makeup, I got her makeup bag instead. I can't justify spending that much on makeup, especially since I have so much already - but maybe I'll treat myself one day when I give away/swap/sell the makeup I don't use anymore/often. I'll save the details for an upcoming what's in my makeup bag post, I feel that I have a pretty makeup bag to show off now :)

inglot duraline, sugarpill mochi, inglot 121r

I was planning on getting some of Urban Decay's 24/7 liquid liners because they're on sale for only $10 each, but when I came across Duraline I was like f*ck that, *saves money* (sorry UD). It's a mixing medium, so you can use it to transform powder eyeshadows into liquid liner. It's pretty cool, since that means I don't have to spend a fortune on colored eyeliners that I know I won't use too often.

The eyeshadow I had my eyes on was Mochi from Sugarpill - normally I wouldn't go for colors like this, but I have MAJOR inspiration right now and have something fun up my sleeve coming to you soon! The Inglot shadow I got only because I needed the little bit extra for the discount, haha. It's #121 from their Freedom System Rainbow eyeshadow range, and I figured I'd get this particular one because I don't have anything like it yet.

sugarpill mochi

LOOK AT THAT SUGARPILL PACKAGING. It's so colorful and fun, and love that they captured that side of makeup versus the modern and sleek designs we usually see. I can't wait to play around with it!

26 January 2015

review | lush northern lights bath bomb

lush northern lights bath bomb

It was intact when I got it, but it somehow broke in between me saran-wrapping my bath bombs after I took pictures for my haul post and right before I used it... boo! Sorry it's taken me so long to have this up - I absolutely hate being disturbed when I take baths so I only do it when nobody is home, haha. Northern lights isn't available anymore since it was only around for the holidays, but let's hope it'll come back next year.

lush northern lights review

Sadly I've come to realize that unless I have a decent photography light setup in my bathroom, the lighting is always going to be crappy because there's a wall between the tub and the window. So whenever I move out, I'll have to keep good, natural bathroom lighting in mind.

Like Sparkler, it didn't deliver in terms of moisture - but now that I think about it, I don't think most bath bombs were made for hydrating the skin unless it says in the product description, like Avobath or Butterball? Still, the mini-show in my bathtub was incredible and so was the scent - I'd say it was floral but sexy at the same time. If it came in a perfume, I'd wear it.

lush northern lights

The final result: deep purple waters, with floating stars! For anyone that knows me, this is straight up my alley. I believe the website said they were confetti stars, but it's not papery and even though they reminded me of sprinkles you'd find on desserts, they didn't dissolve unless I squished them. I'd repurchase this without a doubt, though next time I'll probably try it with a bath melt.

24 January 2015

sakura nendoroid

sakura nendoroid capture pose

Ok, so this is a post that probably nobody will care about (and is long overdue) but it's ok cause I don't care (I do care). My Sakura nendoroid came in the mail sometime while I was in California! I took pictures right away when she arrived, and I'd like to think these pictures aren't as nice as my more recent ones because I got better at photography/editing... but that can be debatable.

22 January 2015

first sephora haul of the year extras: point perks + freebies

sephora point perks - dolce & gabbana dolce, bumble and bumble repair blow dry, clinique take the day off makeup remover, fresh life

Most Sephora orders probably wouldn't be complete without their point perks and occasional gift with purchases. I feel like I mostly justified my recent haul because of these, hahaha. I'm trying out typing paragraphs as well. I like to list things out because I feel like it's more clear, but at the same time I feel like it makes me write more unnecessary things...

First up, the perfumes! I usually never buy perfumes because I have so many from Sephora's samples and point perks, haha. I got D&G Dolce solely for the packaging - how pretty is that! It smells quite lovely as well. There's something unexplainable about this fragrance that I really like, it's floral but not too floral. I won't finish this bottle because it's purely for show, but the bigger version might come home with me one day. I also got Fresh Life because my sister had a deluxe sample as well, and I liked the scent. It's clean, fresh, and citrusy without being powdery. I'll keep it in my bag to use, but I won't be purchasing the full size. From what I've experienced Fresh fragrances don't last very long, probably 3 or 4 hours at most.

sephora point perks - dolce & gabbana dolce, bumble and bumble repair blow dry, clinique take the day off makeup remover, fresh life

I absolutely haaate washing my hair in the winter because it's so cold, and recently I've been blow drying my hair instead of my preferred air drying. My sister has the Bumble and Bumble Straight Blow Dry and I liked it a lot so I wanted to try a different product from the brand, and Bumble and Bumble Repair Blow Dry was up as one of Sephora's 100-point perks. I've only tried it once and I don't like it as much as the one my sister has, so I won't be purchasing the full size. Clinique's Take The Day Off makeup remover, however, I do like! It's oil-based so it does a great job at removing makeup, and it leaves only a little bit of oily residue.

And lastly, the Pantone journal that everything is standing on was the most exciting for me. It was a one-day offer that Sephora tweeted. I love getting new notebooks, especially cute ones. I couldn't find the exact same one online, but there is a brighter version available (also the same alternate one that I have, haha) on Amazon.

21 January 2015

photo diary | new years

tree lights near rockefeller center

snowflake at moma store


Whoops, this post was supposed to come out first, before the one on the American Museum of Natural History but I accidentally switched these two. Copping what Stephanie does with some of her posts with the location thing, 'cause I think it's a neat way to showcase where you were at the time, without cluttering up the title. It's a little silly to be putting my own neighborhood but hey, I'm not familiar with most of New York City anyway.

19 January 2015

makeup | coppery blue + my first time using falsies!

blue and copper eye makeup

ardell 110 lashes

I tried false lashes for the first time with this makeup look. Vennesa got them for me - not as a gift, just that we were shopping at Target and she got groceries and I only got these eyelashes and an avocado so she paid for my things. I would have posted some close-ups but alas, my application was so sloppy and overall, terrible. How do some people do this on a daily basis? More importantly, HOW DO THEY DO IT IN ONE FELL SWOOP? Also sorry for the triple eyelid, it was just not cooperating with me today.

17 January 2015

2014 favorites | hair and bodycare

I was a pretty late bloomer when it came to makeup, and it's no different in terms of haircare and bodycare. In fact 2014 was the year that I started taking care of my hair and skin, and before that I'd rarely use lotions or hair products.

soap & glory hand food » My all-time favorite hand cream. I've gone through more tubes of this stuff than I can count, and when I can't squeeze any more out I snip off the top so I can get to the extra left in the crevices. My boss and coworkers always mention how I use this all the time. It sinks in very quickly, keeps my hands moisturized until my next hand wash, and doesn't leave a greasy feeling. It also smells nice, but not overpowering. I know it's probably a very boring description - it's what everyone looks for in a hand cream, and this one hits all the points for me. I switch my hand creams up from time to time, but I always come back to this one.

fixx argan oil no-frizz hair serum » Like all haircare products, this is a temporary fix for damaged or unruly hair but it's one is my favorite by far. I work about two pumps of it into the ends of my boob-length hair (is there a better way to say that??) when it's still damp, after towel drying. Back when I used to bleach and dye my hair like crazy, this is the one product that did wonders for my damaged ends... Words can't describe my feelings for this product, so see the post on Instagram, here!

the body shop body butters » These body butters are intensely hydrating and my super dry skin loves them. It does leave a slight film, but I think it's so that it keeps the moisture in instead of evaporating. I also love how many scents there are, and even though most of them are a basic, flat scent there's probably something for everyone. I'm not kidding when these are making it into my bodycare favorites. Out of this picture I've finished the three minis, and about one and a half of the fullsize containers. Don't even get me started on how many empty containers I've thrown into the trash. Personally my favorite scent is the Olive one :)

skincraft organics fresh cut deodorant » I mentioned this quite a while back and I'm still loving it. It smells good - though not exactly like freshly cut flowers, maybe the tea tree oil overpowers it? - and it lets me sweat like I'm supposed to do without body odor stinking up the place. It also doesn't leave a waxy film after showering, which is the main reason I avoided wearing deodorant like the plague for years. Gross fact but hey, I'm being honest. Also, almost a year later, I'm still using the same tube. Out of curiosity I twisted it all the way up and then all the way down to see how much I've used and OVER HALF OF IT IS LEFT. Now I'm quite aware that this is way past the "best used by" date but I swear, it's still as good as it was when it first arrived in the mail.

That's the last of my 2014 favorites, finally! That felt like a ton of products to go through and write about, and I feel like a lot of bloggers did their yearly favorites in a much more efficient way, haha. Note to self when it comes around to do 2015 favorites: take note of Terri's and Rachael's favorites because I NEED TO STOP WRITING PARAGRAPHS UPON PARAGRAPHS.

15 January 2015

photo diary | american museum of natural history


Going to the Museum of Natural History on New Year's Day was probably one of the worst ideas I've ever made. Somehow in my mind I thought "Well yesterday was New Year's Eve, so people are probably going back home today." It was super crowded there! Even so, James and I had a pretty good time there minus the crowds and overpriced food. But at least the overpriced food was tasty. I should have taken some photos of the building itself, but with only a prime 50mm lens I'd have to stand two streets away just to get a decent picture! So note to self: get a zoom lens.

13 January 2015

review | lush sparkler bath bomb

lush sparkler bath bomb

Let me start this off by saying that it is a very ballsy move to take pictures while hovering over a bathtub of water. The whole time I was being super careful and afraid of my camera falling in... Also, it's really hard getting pictures when the steam from the water keeps fogging up your lens. But then again, I guess part of being a blogger is the guise of being cool, calm, and collected while in reality you're freaking out and struggling like there's no tomorrow.

lush sparkler ballistic bath bomb

lush sparkler

When I dropped Sparkler in my bath, the water turned bright yellow. The core of Sparkler is a deep orange, so that was a pretty neat surprise! It also smells really nice, like floral with just a hint of citrus. Lush says it shares the same fragrance as Rose Jam, though Sparkler's scent isn't as strong as the shower gel.

Anyway, back on topic - Can we talk about the glitter in this one?? So. Much. Glitter. From Christmas cards to baths - I LOVE GLITTER.

lush sparkler bath bomb

In the end, I think this one was just ok - I would use it again, but nothing about it blows me away. The fizzing part was a lot of fun to watch though, and it makes my bath water super pretty. I guess I expected it to leave my skin feeling softer and it didn't deliver in that department. It did however, leave a really nice scent on me for most of the day (and the washroom!).

Even though Sparkler didn't wow me as much as I thought it would, I'm super excited to try its sister bath bomb, Northern Lights. Both these bombs are limited edition products so while they're sold out online, they might still be available in-store.

12 January 2015

first sephora haul of the year

sephora haul - buxom, stila, and origins

The year has barely even started and I've already made my first Sephora purchases. I'm sure most of you guys can relate! I made two separate orders online... mostly because I wanted some freebies and point perk items, hahaha. I'll write about those in a future post, but for now I'll focus on the goodies I got.

buxom luminizing trio, origins clear improvement charcoal mask

origins | clear improvement active charcoal mask » My sister has this and I tried it a couple of times (without her permission of course). I needed a basic clay mask that does a good job at drawing out all the gross stuff in my pores without irritating my skin or is super expensive. My skin is particularly sensitive to a lot of masks out there - which I guess I should always patch test first especially since I'm aware that most masks make my face burn. This one gets the job done!

buxom luminizing trio blush swept away

buxom | luminizing trio » This is sold out online, so I'm sorry I can't provide a link! The blush in Swept Away, luminizer, and brush are available separately though. To be honest I don't really know why I got this. I did want to try a blush from Buxom and for $1 more this set contains a liquid highlight and a blush brush, so why not. I'm unsure if the blush is even my type - usually I go for corals or rosy/brownish neutrals, but it won't hurt to try something new and out of my comfort zone... Which sounds funny to say, because I think this is a shade most people would reach for!

stila eyes are the window palette in soul

stila | eyes are the window palette in soul » Samantha from Batalash is one of my favorite people to watch on YouTube, and when I saw that she liked this palette I wanted it as well! She used it in a tutorial and while I'm not usually one to go for orange eyes, she totally nailed it. I literally want everything that she likes - Kat Von D blush in Wish is one of her all-time favorites and I got an email saying it was discontinued, so I'm really sad about that and I'm going to scour all the Sephoras I can to get my hands on one or two. Uh ok, I guess that's enough fangirling over her... for now.

sephora collection | single ribbon hair tie in purple » .....I needed free shipping.

I know most of our resolutions is to stop spending as much... have you caved in yet? :P

10 January 2015

hi, i'm becky.

Hi guys!!! Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I took a short (albiet unannounced) break from blogging and while it was nice to just do "me" for a little bit, it's time to get back on here. Blogging is something I love to do, but at times I get really frustrated/unmotivated/negative as well... and I'm sure a lot of people feel the same way about anything they love - their jobs, hobbies, even friends and family. I feel like this break was a good thing, because now I'm really excited to start blogging again!

This is inspired by Grace's post. Also because I never really wrote about myself, and it'll be pretty neat to look at this at the end of this year and see what's changed.

So, hi. My name is Becky, and I'm a 22-year old living in New York City.