28 January 2015

beautylish haul | charlotte tilbury, sugarpill, & inglot

beautylish haul - inglot duraline, sugarpill mochi, inglot 121r, charlotte tilbury makeup bag

I placed an order on Beautylish for the first time not too long ago. It was mostly for a makeup bag and eyeshadow, but since they have an ongoing promotion for $10 off $50+ for the first order I decided to get a few more things. From the gift-like packaging to the personally handwritten note, I felt like it was so lovingly packed! Definite A+ for the customer service.

charlotte tilbury makeup bag

I hope you're not too let down when you find that instead of buying Charlotte Tilbury makeup, I got her makeup bag instead. I can't justify spending that much on makeup, especially since I have so much already - but maybe I'll treat myself one day when I give away/swap/sell the makeup I don't use anymore/often. I'll save the details for an upcoming what's in my makeup bag post, I feel that I have a pretty makeup bag to show off now :)

inglot duraline, sugarpill mochi, inglot 121r

I was planning on getting some of Urban Decay's 24/7 liquid liners because they're on sale for only $10 each, but when I came across Duraline I was like f*ck that, *saves money* (sorry UD). It's a mixing medium, so you can use it to transform powder eyeshadows into liquid liner. It's pretty cool, since that means I don't have to spend a fortune on colored eyeliners that I know I won't use too often.

The eyeshadow I had my eyes on was Mochi from Sugarpill - normally I wouldn't go for colors like this, but I have MAJOR inspiration right now and have something fun up my sleeve coming to you soon! The Inglot shadow I got only because I needed the little bit extra for the discount, haha. It's #121 from their Freedom System Rainbow eyeshadow range, and I figured I'd get this particular one because I don't have anything like it yet.

sugarpill mochi

LOOK AT THAT SUGARPILL PACKAGING. It's so colorful and fun, and love that they captured that side of makeup versus the modern and sleek designs we usually see. I can't wait to play around with it!


  1. Maybe I need that eyeshadow to eyeliner transformer! I love the look of color winged eye in the summer for a pop of color but I rarely use them outside of summer.

  2. That makeup bag is so cute!! And I love that sugar pill shadow. It's such a pretty color!! I've always wanted to try sugsr pill and I didn't know that you could buy stuff off of Beautylish!

  3. That makeupbag is soo cute and beautiful. Love it! could you check my blog please? its www.itsmylifeaspaula.blogspot.com

  4. Looks like an amazing product!
    Melanie @ meandmr.com

  5. woo that mixing medium thing sounds so interesting and genius! coz you're right? most of us probably can't go through an entire bright colored eyeliner pencil anyway! can't wait to hear how it turns out :)

    rachel x

  6. Duraline sounds so interesting, and I would love to try it out! I agree, colored eyeliners are fun to wear on occasion but not practical enough to buy.

    Emily | ahemitsemme.blogspot.com

  7. That Duraline serum thingy sounds/looks good!
    Also love the fact that it's paraben free c:
    Lovely cute beauty haul Becky! Xx http://icepandora.blogspot.com

  8. Yes! It's so useful, and one bottle will definitely last you a long time!

  9. You can get Sugarpill shadows on Makeup Geek as well! I'm thinking of buying my next few Sugarpill shades from there since I'm planning on getting some Makeup Geek shadows as well.

  10. Thank goodness I still have some self control - though I deffffinitely have to splurge on some things from her collection someday. Duraline is working pretty nicely so far, it's waterproof as well so no smudging for me! And when I say waterproof it is LITERALLY WATERPROOF cause I washed my hands after mixing stuff on the back of it and it doesn't budge unless I scrub at it.

  11. I love that makeup bag! And of course, I always try my best to check back and leave a comment :)