24 January 2015

sakura nendoroid

sakura nendoroid capture pose

Ok, so this is a post that probably nobody will care about (and is long overdue) but it's ok cause I don't care (I do care). My Sakura nendoroid came in the mail sometime while I was in California! I took pictures right away when she arrived, and I'd like to think these pictures aren't as nice as my more recent ones because I got better at photography/editing... but that can be debatable.

sakura nendoroid box

sakura nendoroid back of box

sakura nendoroid side of box, with different poses

A look at the box she came in, with different poses. This is like the adult version of an action figure where you put it together and display it instead of playing with it because some parts are EXTREMELY delicate. I also saw one of Toon Link at Nintendo World, but I didn't purchase him because I didn't want to carry it back, haha.

sakura nendoroid instruction manual/guide

She came with an instruction manual/guide, which I promptly tossed to the side and later wondered "How the f*ck do you put her together."

sakura nendoroid happy pose

sakura nendoroid kyaaa pose

Some of her different poses and expressions. The cool thing about these is that you can literally put them into whatever poses you want to try because all the parts are interchangeable. But for the love of all things holy I couldn't get her into the pose where she's flying on her wand without something falling out. It took me a while to realize that her Clow Circle came wedged between two layers of cardboard in the back of the box too, so that's why it's not included in the picture where she seals/uses a card.

She now sits at my desk, looking all cute and stuff ♥


  1. Aww she's cute!!! I love little stuff like this. I would have totally bought the toon link one lol!!

  2. Looks like a fun toy!
    Melanie @ meandmr.com

  3. These are actually really adorable!

  4. Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaardcaptor Sakura <3
    One of my favorite anime :c and I still
    now and then watch some of my favorite
    ep. c:
    And this nendoroid version is adorable c:
    I like that it also come in different pose
    and facial expressions! Do you know
    Tsubasa Chronicles too then? Xx

  5. Now I feel a little regret that I didn't buy him, lol. James is the one that started collecting figures first, and he told me it was a slippery slope and it is indeed a slippery slope - I want more!

  6. Not exactly a toy, even though it's marketed as a figure haha. More like just to display and show off how cute it is ;)

  7. They are! They make different characters too, and I might want some more... heh

  8. One of my favorites too! I have all the episodes downloaded, though I couldn't find the movies available for download.

    And yes I do! I started off with the manga way back when I was in middle school. I watched the anime semi recently and it's not as good as the manga cause they cut out a lot of the violent/alcoholic scenes - I heard that CLAMP deemed it not good as well, and asked them to cancel the series because of that...

  9. Thats so cute! I used to love that show!

  10. I rewatched the entire show semi recently, that's what promoted the purchase haha