21 January 2015

photo diary | new years

tree lights near rockefeller center

snowflake at moma store


Whoops, this post was supposed to come out first, before the one on the American Museum of Natural History but I accidentally switched these two. Copping what Stephanie does with some of her posts with the location thing, 'cause I think it's a neat way to showcase where you were at the time, without cluttering up the title. It's a little silly to be putting my own neighborhood but hey, I'm not familiar with most of New York City anyway.

tree at rockefeller center

empire state building new years eve

ball drop times square

James and I were thinking about watching the ball drop as something we should do at least once in our lives... but there was no way we were going to wait for 5+ hours in freezing temperatures. I was a little underwhelmed at how far away the ball was! When I was younger I would always watch the ball drop with my parents and the cameras always had it close up and I kinda expected it to be bigger and not as far away in person, haha. The Empire State building was looking very jazzy, though!

gameboy damaged in gulf war

pikmin at nintendo store

After going to the American Museum of Natural History on the following day, we went to Nintendo World and I think we want just about everything there. I love how there are people from almost every age group and background being in one place and nerding out to the same thing. There needs to be more of that, for everything. None of that "you're too young/old/whatever for that" kind of thing.

Bonus picture of me putting mascara on from James' view. I'm sure nobody looks super flattering doing that, anyway.


  1. What a pretty Empire State building c:
    And I'd love to check out this Nintendo World!
    Look at this cool looking damaged Gameboy!!
    Xx http://icepandora.blogspot.com

  2. I love these pictures!
    Melanie @ meandmr.com

  3. Omg nintendo world!!!! I NEED to go there someday!!!! All the pictures are so pretty. I would love to see the ball drop someday, but like you said, it's too cold ahah and too crowded

  4. They actually change the colors of the lights every day, how crazy is that?!

    I think you'd like nintendo world! It seems like almost everyone does :)

  5. It was actually a mistake!! It autofocused on the sky or something LOL and I was gonna be like wow ok thanks a lot camera but then James was like "It looks pretty cool" and then I was like yeah that's right

    I used to watch the ball drop on tv all the time as a kid, but for the past couple of years I fell asleep before 12 haha. Most days I try to get in bed by 11!

  6. It would SO be the place for you! I do want to see the ball drop in person, though my relatives went (their first year in America!) and they said it was so boring haha

  7. I would love to spend New Year's in New York! I totally understand why you wouldn't want to wait for hours out in the cold though, definitely not so glamorous. New York is always gorgeous, but around Christmas and New Year's it's absolutely stunning :)

    Emily | ahemitsemme.blogspot.com

  8. Agreed! If only it wasn't so cold and late, haha. Both of us are pretty wimpy when it comes to the cold :P