02 June 2014

may, on instagram

Hiiiii I'm still terrible at updating n_____n But let's see if this is an easier way for me to share the little things in life, since I don't think I can keep up with doing weekly life bits. I've also switched the commenting system over to Disqus. I've been getting more comments lately (thank you all! I appreciate that a lot, and I'll be getting back to you soon <3) but it's hard for me to keep up with Blogger's system, so let's see how this one works out. Please bear with me as I'm trying out new things for this blog!

packing, breakfast at cora's, flight back at pearson international

Uh, so how to begin this? I went to Canada to visit some friends early in May, for the second time. I think the story of how we met is quite interesting - online over video games, in high school. We played World of Warcraft, Starcraft 2, and now Dota 2 among other games here and there. Back then I didn't even know these guys well and I wouldn't expect to meet them and have them turn out to be some of my closest friends.

We spent our time mostly playing board games, going out to eat, watching some Dota tournament, and sleeping. Well, it was mostly me sleeping while they were playing board games ("you basically flew over here to sleep the whole time," they say). The best part? Knowing that the guy I've liked years back has the same feelings all this time. It's funny really, since we were both kind of obvious (mostly me on that one) yet oblivious at the same time. I have a feeling that most of the other guys knew we were bound to happen sooner or later. It's a good feeling, yeahhhh n_____n 

haul from the body shop. way too many cotton rounds to count.

The Body Shop had a 40% off sale, so that makes it a great excuse to stock up. And when I say stock up, I mean stock up on ten packages of their cotton rounds. James (my guy!) joked with "imagine if they use that instead of the packing peanuts," and he was right. I also got minis of some of their body butters, since I'm not keen on the idea of buying a huge one unless I'm sure I'll like the scent. And let me tell you, that grapefruit one smells gross to me.

leopard nails, chains, and bows

Lastly, some lame attempts at nail art. You (hopefully) can't tell, but the triangle leopard thang is totally off. I really wanted to experiment with chains because Sara Le does them often and WOW they are so hard to work with that I probably won't try them again in the near future. But they do look nice though. On her nails, not mine. Hard life.

And bows oooohhh! I've always wanted to try bows and stuff cause I think they look so cute on nails. Looks cute is the key word here, because it snags on everything and it's kind of annoying. It ended up falling off the next day at work. One of my coworkers is into nail art too. She had bows and other little decorative things on her nails once, and one of the bows fell into the iced coffee she was making. Thank goodness mine just fell into a storage bin.

Until next post,