24 August 2014

waterloo | coffee culture

coffee culture, our coffees!


Coffee Culture was where James and I had our "first date" so of course I wanted to go back. I think it's very cute that they have outdoor seating and a coffee table surrounded with couches inside. And they give you ceramic mugs if you're staying, which makes it feel very homey! Even though it's a chain cafe, this one in Waterloo has a special place in my heart ♥

coffee culture - note the odd decision of the direction of my flatware

coffee culture - new york cheesecake with berry sauce

He likes his coffee black like his heart and soul, while I prefer mine more sweet and milky. I got a grilled cheese with salad, and he got some kind of other sandwich (turkey possibly?) with salad as well. We decided on cheesecake after our meal, and it was a lot bigger than it looks. I haven't had cheesecake in a long time, so it's a good excuse to enjoy it with someone I love!

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  1. That place looks so cute! I love coffee and cute little coffee shops! And you can't go wrong with grilled cheese!

  2. That all looks so good.

  3. That slice of cheesecake looks SO yummy! x

  4. It was!! The berry sauce was really tasty :)

  5. Heheh, I wish I could be eating that again!

  6. Me too! I haven't been to a cafe that gives you mugs before. Just the mugs makes me excited lol.

  7. I am too, though this was my first honey looking cafe :P kinda like something I always read or see on TV but never in person.

  8. That's so cute place to have a first date ^__^
    I'm a huge sucker for homey looking cafe's c:
    The food looks great c: Xx