13 November 2014

the little things, from waterloo

My other favorite photo of us. James kept this one, so I took a picture of it before I left.

We ate at Watami for dinner one of the nights. The time I visited before this one, James' housemate thought we went there without ordering their volcano salad (I distinctly remember him saying, "You went to Watami without ordering the volcano salad? Awwww, you fked up!" So we tried the volcano salad which isn't even close to being a salad, and it's HUGE. We were going to order two of these, but thankfully the waitress suggested that we only get one because it's not the typical salad. It has the components of one - cucumbers, sweet potato, squid - but it's all lightly battered, deep fried, and covered in spicy mayo and hoisin sauce. So good, but so bad at the same time.

Some fair, which was full of street performers and carnival rides. We sat in a few shows which were pretty amusing to watch which included a gymnast in disguise, and a knife- and fire-throwing duo.

Brachydios decal on his 3DS, which I helped put on! But it's still a little bit crooked on the top, haha.

James attempted eggs in a hole, except it was more like eggs in bell peppers. It didn't work out as good as we hoped it would.

We drew on some leftover eggs James had, before giving them to his housemate. It seems like we have a thing for eggs.

(Yeah ok, I should have posted these a long time ago. Like, August-long time ago. I kind of forgot. Or pushed it back until now. Or something.)


  1. Haha I love the little faces on the eggs!! That salad thing looks super yummy! I love deep fried stuff like that haha ;p
    I wish I had a cool stick for my ds :( lol

  2. Cute happy photo's c;
    I'd love to try out this badboy volcano salad :P Haha
    xx http://icepandora.blogspot.com

  3. Oh wow the food looks delicious xx

    Gemma | Miss Makeup Magpie

  4. Amazing pics <3
    Enjoyed this post a lot

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  5. lol at that "salad" it looks amazing!

  6. I looooove deep fried stuff too. Deep fried bananas are the best! You can get decals on ersy for pretty cheap, and they have a big selection usually!

  7. Haha, it'd be a lot better if there were two other people we could share it with - it's huge!

  8. Hahaha, its waaay too big for two people to finish! We had to take some home and eat it the next day!