11 November 2014

the most expensive christmas cards i've ever bought

papyrus christmas greeting cards

papyrus holiday cards

$15. On Christmas cards. I couldn't resist - they're so cute! And glittery! Though I won't lie, it was mostly for the snow cat. James asked what I was going to do with my discounted Christmas cards, because I always buy them after Christmas when they're on sale to use for next year. I suppose I'll use them on the people that don't matter as much. I mean, those cards are still cute, just.... not as cute as these.

They even put paper in between each card, I'm guessing it's to prevent the glitter from getting all over the place. Faaaaancy. Out of curiosity, how much do you guys spend on Christmas Cards?


  1. haha but papyrus always has amazing looking cards! yeah I agree with you, they do come with a hefty price tag, but definitely worth it!

  2. Those are so cute!! I believe I've bought that brand of Christmas cards before! I think I got mine on sale for $10 haha but I'd still rather wait till after christmas to get them super cheap!

  3. What a cute christmas card! Love those cute little snowmen :D



  4. Haha oh wow, I never spend more than 5 bucks on
    Christmas cards :') but these are pretty lovely!
    Xx http://icepandora.blogspot.com

  5. Love glittery cards! I don't personally spend to much on the cards, I put more effort into the presents. As long as they're a good quality and looks good, then that's fine by me. I can't wait till Christmas!! :)


    Truly, NY

  6. cute cards!

    xo T.

  7. Yeah, they have really cute ones! And cute cards in general. I spent a long time debating which ones to get, haha~

  8. Yeah, I think for next year I'll be going back to Papyrus - let's hope they'll be on sale after this Christmas ;)

  9. Me too, I especially like the cat one :)

  10. Knowing you, I'd be surprised if you didn't DIY them!

  11. Usually I don't either - but these were so cute, I couldn't resist. I try to put more effort into presents as well, but it's just too bad I'm terrible at picking out presents! Can't wait for Christmas either!

  12. Ah, I love cards from Papyrus! They're always so nicely made. And these cards definitely look like they were worth it! :)