26 September 2014

maker faire

maker faire 2014 new york hall of science

One of my good friends came to New York from Seattle last weekend! His name is Kyle, and he's one of my friends from Canada. He's working in Seattle for a couple of months, and he got the opportunity to fly over here for work at Maker Faire. Sadly we only got to spend two hours together since he's here for work after all - hopefully we'll have more time than that, next time!

say hi to kyle!

I got there pretty early, and Kyle was still working so I was free to roam around for a bit.

hatsune miku go kart

hatsune miku go kart

When I say roam I mean stick by the racetrack 'cause of the aptly named Mikuvan. This was basically teams of people that built go kart-esque vehicles and racing around. Interestingly enough Mikuvan was the fastest one, even though it nearly toppled over in some turns.

portal companion cube

mechanical alligator

When Kyle got on break, I was too busy ignoring his calls and messages to chase down and get pictures of this giant alligator.

pad thai

Pad Thai for lunch! It had the shortest line, for good reason.

mechanical giraffe

A giant, mechanical giraffe. I asked Kyle what it was for, and he simply said: "Nothing. People make these kinds of things because it's something they enjoy doing. It doesn't have to be for anything." Or something like that. I probably made it sound more eloquent, haha~

Something I don't know much about, but Kyle was interested and asked many questions. I just took one of their sticker cards and pretended to know what they were talking about.

Inside the Hall of Science.

A dark room filled with LEDs. Kyle got especially excited and said "Makers LOVE LEDs!"

She was making the bowls of water vibrate with her mind! I think it also had to do with her making slight movements, like shifting her eyes. We didn't understand it, but it was pretty cool anyway!

I've always wanted a pet lizard or iguana. Maybe I'm weird for thinking this, but they're really cute! These were next to a tank of giant hissing cockroaches from Madagascar. Why.

One of my favorites. It seemed like he did the headtilt for the picture, haha. While this may be the end of the post, I still have a lot of pictures to share - so there will be a part 2, sometime!


  1. Maker Faire looks awesome!! Can't wait to see part 2 of the photos.

  2. It was! I'd really love to go back again. Who knows when we'll see part two, haha~