10 September 2014

i bought a dslr!

canon t3i dslr

If you couldn't tell from the title already, I bought my first DSLR camera! It's a Canon T3i, and I wanted this for a long time - since when it was new on the market a few years ago, actually! I was always on and off about it since I didn't want to shell out the money, just to be overwhelmed by the manual settings and end up not using it at all. I'm happy to say that it's a lot of fun so far, and I can't wait to take more pictures!

Granted both the body and lens are used, but I don't mind. I can be super clumsy about things like dropping my phone and getting scratches on it (but let's hope I don't drop my camera, haha), so I stopped caring so much about getting cosmetic flaws on my electronics a long time ago. If I know that I'm gonna get the exterior battered up anyway, might as well buy it with the slight imperfections and save myself a couple hundred dollars yes? ;)

Also, I don't seem to post pictures of myself often - so hello there!

Until next time,


  1. Yay, the first DSLR is an exciting thing x

    As clumsy as I am, I've yet to drop my camera/any of my lenses. Even if they do fall, well, those things are built like tanks.

  3. I've always wanted a camera like this too!! I should look into getting a used one since I'm super clumpy with my things as well!

  4. I'm so happy for you, I really need one, Now I got a Nikon 3200, I would like to buy a canon but I'm not brave enough to say goodbye to Nikon because I don't know if Canon is better :(

    If you would like to, check my little blog:

  5. hello there! :) congratulations on your first dslr! i've still yet to invest in one simply because i don't think i have the skill to handle one. maybe one day!! ;)

    rachel x

  6. Yaaaay :D great news to see you have
    a DLSR ^___^ can't wait for future pictures
    for us to see c: Xx

  7. Heheheeh thanks~

    I'm trying to be super extra careful about using the strap cause I will cry if it falls and breaks. Thank goodness my phone is built like a tank, too.

  8. It is! There's a huge learning curve, but it's fun nonetheless!

  9. It's worth it! Previously I used my phone camera and while it's good, this is SO good that I can see every bump on my face haha.

  10. Thank you! To be honest I'm not sure which one is better, I'm still a beginner at this :P

    And of course - I try my best to reply and check out blogs! <3

  11. Thank you!! I think most of it has to do with trial and error. It's a lot of fun playing around with the settings actually - I'd say go for it!

  12. Hehe thank you! I'm pretty sure I've said this multiple times, but I love your photography~

  13. Congratulations haha!! Your life will be forever changed...I could never live without my DSLR ever again! Once you go DSLR you don't go back ;D

    Gaborillaa - Makeup and Beauty Blog | http://gaborillaa.blogspot.ca/

  14. Yup! I'm already making it a habit to carry it around more often, even though the extra weight :P I can't imagine pictures without my DSLR anymore!