30 September 2014

september favorites

Not many favorites this month, but oh well. Does this mean I'm saving money yet?

anastasia beverly hills » dipbrow pomade in ebony + brush #12
My favorite brow product at the moment. I loooove how crisp I can make my brows look with this. It's also quite easy to use, though it does take some time to apply versus a brow pencil. A little bit goes a very long way - I've been using this since the beginning of the month and there's probably enough product to last me a lifetime. I bought Anastasia's brush #12 to use with it cause I don't have anything else, but honestly I think any thin angled brush would work. I still like it though, and it works well with the dipbrow so might as well include it in the favorites :P I also have a review of dipbrow, here!

The BEST primer I've used by far. It's a water-based primer (unless I'm wrong), and it works like a dream. I noticed that my under-eye concealer doesn't cake up or look blotchy compared to silicone-based primer or no primer at all. It does feel a little tacky upon application, but it wears off after maybe half an hour or so. It's a sample size right now, but I'm getting a full-sized one as soon as it runs out. Bonus points for having SPF - though it does have a slight white cast with flash photography.

I think this is something that everyone loves, but I'm just late :P I remember my sister having this years ago - as in, probably when I was still in high school - and she loved it so much and used it every day for her inner corner highlight. I bought this months ago and never really got around to using it until recently, and I love it for the inner corner highlight as well. I don't know what it is, but I like it a lot more than my other inner corner highlight shades.

That's it for this month! Not a ton of favorites because I'm trying to not go toooo overboard on makeup. The next few months favorites will probably be from what I already own, but it's not bad to give old products some love ♥


  1. I've been trying a Laura Mercier primer and I really like it too! Lovely favourites! xxx

  2. I need to try that primer!! I use that wet n wild eye shadow everyday haha! It's such a good one for multiple purposes

  3. The primer definitely feels a little weird if you're used to silicone based primers. Especially since it feels more like a lotion than anything haha. But it really does work well!

    I haven't heard a bad thing about Brulee yet, surprisingly!

  4. I always overlooked Laura Mercier - I guess it's because the packaging isn't as bright or eye catching as Too Faced or Urban Decay and I'm used to thinking cute packaging = good product haha. I'm really glad I gave it a try!