12 September 2014

waterloo | clay & glass museum

Hi. I meant to do this post weeks ago but... I really have no excuse except for laziness, haha.

James and I went to the Clay and Glass museum after brunch at Coffee Culture, where half of the museum had nothing to do with clay and glass but rather the architecture of some of the buildings in Waterloo and Kitchener. It's interesting seeing the concept sketches and plans, and how an idea can turn into something big like that.

Some map of the Kitchener-Waterloo area.

Blurry, but one of my favorites! The onl part of this gallery I remember is photographs on easels or something like that.y

I guess some kids were having a field trip to the museum or something, since there was a big sheet of paper where it looks like they were supposed to draw their own concept sketches. Obviously a lot of their drawings had nothing to do with that. I wonder what that thing Justin Bieber is holding.

Now, onto the clay and glass part of the museum! We've got some pretty hipster looking pieces here, and a failed attempt at a selfie.

Some of my favorite pieces.

Djikstra's algorithm in C on a bowl. I know nothing about this as I'm not the one studying computer science - but James thought it was cool and said he would eat out of it so I guess it's something noteworthy.

Some parts of the gift shop. I wish I could have taken one of those sheep home with me, but I I'd rather spend the $35+ on makeup and clothes instead.

On a different note: I never know how to end my posts, but I always thought the "until next post, Becky" was dumb even though it's a... somewhat nice way of closing the post. I think I'll drop it and just awkwardly and abruptly end my posts from now on. BYEEE


  1. I love museums, this one looks pretty interesting. The Dijkstra's algorithm bowl looks awesome!


  2. Nice museum! Some of the vases and glass work
    I'd love to have it in my home c:
    I kind of laughed at the horrible scribble of Bieber
    haha! According to the names of the artist, some

    of them are from Holland I think :P Xx

  3. Wow everything in there looks so nice!! I also never know how I end my posts either Lol!!

  4. That's pretty awesome, artists from Holland! They made a lot of nice pieces, then! We got a pretty good laugh of the Justin bieber scribble :P

  5. Mhm, I'd love to have some of that stuff in my home! I guess we'll work on our endings together eh?

  6. It was! I've never been to an architecture museum before.