16 September 2014

it could be a tutorial...

But it's not.

urban decay ammo palette, tarte rainforest after dark palette

tarte rainforest after dark palette, urban decay ammo palette

Yeah I dunno. Mostly playing around with Urban Decay's Ammo palette (one of my favorites!), Tarte's Rainforest After Dark palette, and my camera. Cause I tried but picture tutorials are a lot harder than they look so I ain't posting something that I will immediately regret. Maybe next time!

Oh and uh I really like how my freckles turned out in the first picture. Whenever I do foundation I like putting on just the sheerest layer so it'll even out my skin without covering up my freckles or beauty marks. Also you can see ALL THE BUMPS AND FINE LINES (and peach fuzz, and those eyebrow hairs that I broke while trying to pluck) on my skin with this camera. Good stuff here.


  1. I loooove your eyeliner.

  2. Your makeup looks amazing! I don't really do picture tutorials either, rather than just taking pictures of my makeup haha!

  3. Thank you! Taking pictures of the finished product is a ton easier than taking step by step photos and writing about it :P

  4. Thank you! Eyeliner is actually one of my weakest points haha, especially since the way my eyelids fold aren't the same for both eyes so it's difficult to get them to match. Usually they don't so I hide my left eye behind my hair heheh

  5. Thank you! <3 Still trying to get used to using a dslr!

  6. I really like having my freckles (or moles???) poke through the foundation, otherwise it just looks really weird when freckles look 'muted' by the foundation.
    Also, when that first photo popped up on my BL feed, I was like, "Which editorial is this? WHICH MODEL IS THIS???" #2ATTRACTIF

    Don't worry about the eyebrows, eyebrow game strong here.

  7. Yeah, whenever my moles/beauty marks look muted I either draw it back on or use a wet q-tip to take some foundation off :)

    And oh you stawp it~ You're gonna inflate my ego and before you know it, SELFIES WILL BE EVERYWHERE.

  8. Wowie, stunning eye makeup Becky ^___^
    Really love the last picture!
    Xx http://icepandora.blogspot.com