04 September 2014

review | tarte rainforest after dark palette

tarte rainforest after dark palette

When Tarte had their Friends and Family sale, I quickly snatched up their Rainforest After Dark palette 'cause I've heard a lot of good things about Tarte eyeshadows and I don't own any. But mostly because I'm a sucker for packaging. I can't find it on the Tarte website anymore, but it's available at Sephora!

Unrelated but, my mom haaaates snakes. If she sees this palette, she'll flip out for sure.

tarte rainforest after dark packaging

Mmmmm, look at that packaging.

tarte rainforest after dark packaging

And that box texture.

tarte rainforest after dark palette

Does anyone else think these clear plastic covers are one of the coolest things out there?

tarte rainforest after dark palette

The palette in all its glory.

tarte rainforest after dark eyeshadow swatches
{ mouse over for eyeshadow names }
Obligatory swatches, even though most of them are probably not true to color at all n______n. I found make a mauveplum away with me, and up to no gold to be the easiest to work with - so pigmented and buttery! Bare to explore and tan-gled up in you are alright. They aren't as soft as the first three mentioned, but they're just as pigmented - the only downside for me is that it doesn't show up well on my particular skintone. Don't turn a-brown was the chalkiest and hardest to work with out of the bunch.

I also love the dumb and punny eyeshadow names.

tarte rainforest after dark bronzer, blush, highlighter swatches
{ mouse over for these names, too! }
Now, to the face products. Excuse the band aid. It's covering a pretty nasty mosquito bite and I'm almost convinced I have Skeeter's syndrome because my bites swell up to be bigger than a quarter, and it hurts like a bruise but is still unbearably itchy. Maybe even two quarters in diameter... and that doesn't seem normal.

I'm just okay with park ave princess - I haven't used it enough to form a justified opinion on it. I'm not very open to trying out new bronzers it seems! Champagne has quickly turned into one of my favorite highlighters. It's a subtle highlighter, but very pretty nonetheless. Plus, I love how powder highlighters are much quicker to apply. When I first saw unleashed, it reminded me of Dieselboy's Unleashed!, which was one of my favorite mixes years ago. Getting back on topic - it's a nice blush. There isn't anything too interesting to me about it, but I seem to be reaching for it often enough to like it.

Overall, I think this is a pretty fantastic palette! Whether you want to go simple or bold, this palette can go both ways. I really like that I can do most of my eye and face makeup with just this, making it very travel friendly. This is the first time I've tried Tarte shadows and I'm impressed!

(Edit: it seems like I forgot to finish my last paragraph, haha! It's been fixed now!)

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  1. What a fabulous little palette, I love how travel friendly it looks! xx

  2. That's a GORGEOUS-looking palette. I love the purple and gold, plus I like snakes. I want to buy this just for the packaging. I'm not sure the shades really suit me, but it's just so pretty!

  3. I've been sooo tempted by this palette!! That shadow called up to no gold is gorgeous!!!! I'm a sucker for tarte blushes so that makes me want this palette too hah!! I'm not a fan of the park ave pric was bronzer for some reason.

  4. This is such a beautiful palette. I still haven't tried anything from tarte - really need to get my hands on some stuff asap!! xx

    Jasmin Charlotte

  5. I've been using this palette like crazy! Love the fall tones! It's such a great value too.. Also, you might want to look into your mosquito bit problem haha! That's doesn't sound normal to me


  6. WANT *-*
    And I love the punny names. Your swatches are perfect I can't even. Don't even get me started on how much I love how the names pop up when I hover over the images ;-;
    I actually adore Park Ave Princess. It's my most used bronzer (which is saying something because I don't use bronzer often) because it doesn't lean orange at all and its matte. SERIOUSLY GOOD STUFF.

  7. Mhm! I like it even more than I thought I would!

  8. make a mauve and that GOLD looks gorgeous!! what a perfect palette - love that it comes with a blush. by the way i love how you've done the mouse-over names thing, super clever! :)

    rachel x

  9. To be honest the jewel accent drew me in on the purchase! I remember Tarte did an LE Aqualillies round palette as well, and I'm kinda bummed that I didn't really look into it now cause the packaging was pretty awesome as well u______u

  10. Yeah, up to no gold is my favorite one! It's SO CRAZY PIGMENTED and buttery, though I feel like UD half baked is pretty similar. I've been trying to use the bronzer more but I'm not sure if I'm feeling just yet.

  11. You should! Their blushes are fantastic. I have two of their single ones and I want more, though I'm trying to be good about not going overboard on the spending!

  12. Same here! I really like up to no gold and the blush in this one.

    One of my bosses has the same problem with mosquitoes, except hers are even bigger! Something about being allergic to the stuff that the mosquitoes inject in you to thin out the blood so they can suck it all up. Too much info? :P

  13. Haha, thank you!! I don't know how most people swatch stuff, but I think fingers are the easiest. I'm trying to like park ave princess but.... there's something about it that I don't really like and it makes me kinda sad cause I really want to like everything in this palette u_____u

    I can't seem to slap text on pictures nicely so I don't want to ruin it haha. But I think it's a lot easier if you can see the names directly on the picture too, so that's why :P Here's the html code I used for it, if you're interested!

  14. Yeah no, I think everyone swatches with their fingers, love. ;)
    Ah darn, well if anything, use it to contour your body LOL (jks)

    Thanks for the think! Though I already know the coding for it. The sidebar on my blog was actually created with that code, haha.

  15. Ooooo haha, I remember someone mentioning they swatch with the disposable applicators :P

    It seems like I'm not very good at paying attention haha u_______u

  16. Up to no gold is really pretty and super pigmented and so easy to work with! I'm in love with that shade haha. It's similar to UD half baked, though up to no gold is a little lighter.

    I used this code for the mouseover, if you're interested!