17 February 2015

what's in my makeup bag | charlotte tilbury makeup bag

Soooo recently I purchased Charlotte Tilbury's makeup bag, and it's replaced the bag that I took from my sister (without her knowledge of course).

From the varying lipstick prints to the metallic details, I like this bag a lot! It's made of canvas so it's a nice weight, doesn't feel cheap at all which was one of my main concerns. Even the zipper is fancy and has a very nice, er, pull to it? It's very roomy as well, and I love that it can fit my full-size hand cream with room to spare.

The only quibble I have about it is that the print ends abruptly at the bottom of the bag. I would have preferred if they removed the ones that got cut off, or finished the entire lip. Heck even get just the top lip if anything. The quote on the back is pretty cute, though men can wear makeup and feel the same way too! Overall if you're debating on whether to get it or not, I would push you into the direction of getting it ;)

Now, onto the contents...

Lots of lip stuff. Or at least a lot to me, because I only got into lip colors recently. I have a Jack Black lip balm and even though it's not my favorite, I like it because it offers SPF. Urban Decay Naked2 is my current favorite lipstick, and it's a light, brownish nude that'll go with any makeup look I have on. NYX Butter Gloss in Creme Brulee is a nice alternative to lipstick when I can't be bothered to be fussy about application or have flaky lips.

My full size Hand Food can fit in here with more than enough wiggle room. I like my bag to be organized (even though it's far from that, ha) and it bothers me when my hand cream is floating around somewhere and I can't find it. I have a deluxe sample of Fresh Life perfume in here for whenever I need a little pick-me-up - I love how it smells, and I'm considering on getting the full size.

Finally, the miscellaneous things. I have a pack of Boscia blotting linens and even though my face is far from oily, I liked using them in the summer. I'd rather blot away the shine than to pile more powder on top. It's not summer but I have them with me "just in case I decide to go to the gym one day," which is still waiting to happen. There's a small pot of CeraVe in the tub... In Ole Henriksen packaging. Friends have asked me if I have moisturizer because they didn't have time to slap some on before leaving, so I'd like to be that lifesaver ;) I also have napkins from who knows where, and a Kate Spade notecard from a gift that Vennesa gave to Xiao Wei. I asked if I could have it because it looks fancy and she said yes, but I honestly don't know what I'm going to do with it.


  1. that makeup bag is perfection!! and i've been wanting to try nyx butter glosses in like foreverrrr : )

    rachel x

  2. That bag is so cute and I love the quote on the back! I carry some of the Nyx butter glosses with me too, they are great for quick lippy application haha!

  3. love the quote on the back! Really need to invest in a nice makeup bag and stop using the freebies stores give out haha

  4. Blotting sheets are great to keep around, and I am absolutely in love with Hand Food! Can you believe that I only tried it for the first time last week?! I love the entire Fresh brand, so I will definitely be taking a sniff of Fresh Life the next time I visit Ulta or Sephora :) Light, clean scents are my favorite!

    Emily | ahemitsemme.blogspot.com

  5. I've really been wanting to get a whiff of the Fresh perfumes. Their packaging already sold me.

    :] // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲

  6. Cute bag, and I love what's inside! That lip balm is wonderful!
    Melanie @ meandmr.com

  7. This reminds me that I really need a roomier makeup bag... I carry a bunch of lip stuff around too :3 LOL yeah about the half-print thing... the half lip does look a bit odd they could've just removed it xD

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

  8. This is the CUTEST make up bag ever AND, most importantly, it's big so you can actually fit your daily make up in. I bought a small one to rationalise my makeup- bad idea!

    Em x

  9. This is such a cute makeup bag! I feel like you must keep your stuff in better condition than I do though, because I absolutely need to have a makeup bag that has a wipeable inside. And even then, it still gets dirtier than I'd like!

    I've been enjoying Nyx stuff a lot lately and wanting to try out some of their lip products. Thanks for the recommendation!

    x Kathryn
    Through the Thicket

  10. I really like the make up bag, but know what you mean about the print, seems a bit odd that they cut it off! I do want a big make up bag but then I find I just hoard a million products in so I end up just having a little mini one. I do really like the hand food as well! x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

  11. Again, I love your makeup bag :P
    I think you have a decent good content and not too much c:
    I quite have an oily skin, especially in the summer or at
    the end of a working day... so I'd love to try out that
    black charcoal blotting paper! Xx

  12. Yes! I love how simple their packaging is :)

  13. Whenever I travel I opt for a smaller makeup bag so I can minimize the amount of makeup I take with me. I end up stuffing it to the brim, the zipper usually doesn't close all the way unless it's super organized in there :P

  14. Plus I feel a little better about not having a bag chock full of makeup, though it's still the same amount of makeup I'm carrying around!

  15. It sucks cause I keep on telling myself I'll start lifting weights at the gym so I can kind of have a reason to use blotting sheets in the winter, except I don't go to the gym. Fresh Sake is another one of my favorites that I always spray on when I pass by it in Sephora (can't bear to spend $40+ on perfume haha), it smells sexy without the heavy/borderline grandma base notes most sexy-described perfumes have.

  16. I guess it's because I don't tend to carry powder cosmetics with me, cause those can get anything dirty fast - I don't feel like I need to touch up my makeup during the day besides lip products. And partly cause I can't stand wipeable bags. I always think about how the material might stick together and create that stick-apart sound when I "peel" it apart and it grosses me out. I dunno, it's kind of weird.

  17. I find that I end up carrying the same amount of stuff no matter what size my makeup bag is. I figured this one would be better for vacations and whatnot since it's better than jamming a million products into a teeny tiny makeup bag in attempt to cut down on the products I bring with me.

  18. Thank you! I think the amount of stuff I have in there is just enough for everyday. Even though I slap a ton of products on my face, I don't find that my makeup fades often throughout the day - and even if it does, most people probably won't notice it anyway. The blotting paper is great, it comes in a pretty big sheet so most days I tear it in half so I can use the other half another time :)

  19. First of all, I totally agree with the quote. Second of all, I love that NYC lip gloss. It is regular in my makeup bag too!