28 December 2013

i'm back!

Yessss, hello! I'm not really sure what to write to re-introduce myself to blogging, so I guess I'll just insert some of my favorite Instagram pictures over the last six or so months with nifty captions. There's a gap around November - December because I dropped my phone in the toilet, oops. I got a new one not too long ago though!

My parents and I went to Canada for the summer. We went to some pretty awesome places like Parliament and Ausable Chasm (which was actually in New York), and did some pretty cool things like stand on the CN Tower's glass floor and eat at the revolving restaurant at Skylon Tower. The actual process of going to these places was so tiring, though. We went as a tour group so we woke up early, went to sleep late, and the whole thing was just really rushed. The best part was seeing my parents happy, so it was worth it :).

Obligatory sunset picture behind a very dusty hotel window, plus a cute cat plug for my (old) phone that I got in Toronto.

Birthday cakes from friends, yum :9

Other miscellaneous stuff. Hydrangeas in mom's front garden from the springtime, her flowers are always so pretty. Lumiere de Vie came out with a body lotion a while ago which I've been liking a lot. A pretty white rose. Being a deviled egg for Halloween. Questionably dyeing my hair bold colors - or at least, just the bottom part. And lastly Copi, one of the cutest dogs in the world ♥!


  1. Becckkkkyyyy welcome back dear ^__^ Xx

  2. Welcome back. ♥ I've just got back into blogging too. I've been so busy. :)


  3. Oh my gosh, those cakes look so good. I'm randomly searching for blogs today and I found yours (hello!). I swear, every blog I click on has a picture of cakes or cookies. It must be that time of year. :)


  4. Love the phone plug kitty!!!

  5. New follower! :) The pictures are really pretty, and I've been to Canada once but I've only spent a few hours in a couple cities since I was on an Alaskan cruise :)