27 December 2014

2014 favorites | skincare

star violet 2014 skincare favorites

2014 was the year where I discovered and frequently lurked /r/skincareaddiction thanks to James and learned so much about taking care of my skin. I'd recommend the subreddit to anyone, whether you're struggling with skin issues or not. The main things I changed in my skincare routine are using oils, switching over to an inexpensive moisturizer that does the same job as some of my favorite high-end ones, and most importantly using sunscreen. So, here are my favorite skincare products from this year!

coconut oil, clinique take the day off cleansing balm, cerave moisturizing cream

coconut oil » Perhaps the best multipurpose product I've ever come across. It's great as a hair mask, a moisturizing addition to a body scrub (as yummy as The Body Shop scrubs are, they don't provide as much moisture to my skin as I'd like), and my favorite use as a makeup remover. I love using oils to remove my makeup, though the downside for me is that it gets really messy. I like coconut oil a lot in the cooler months since it's a solid under room temperature and removes even waterproof mascara with ease. I got mine here, though you can probably find some at your supermarket.

clinique | take the day off cleansing balm » This used to be my favorite makeup remover before coconut oil took over. It's still a favorite product though, since I travel a (semi) lot and it doesn't risk melting all over the place like coconut oil does. While the oils in this product do create a little bit of grease outside my travel container, it's not as bad as a straight up oil greasy mess. I think I might be using this in the warmer months as well, in place of coconut oil.

cerave | moisturizing cream » My favorite moisturizer, period. I always thought that moisturizers should be high-end because of all the "good stuff" they put in it, but I dunno - I like this one a lot more than every moisturizer I've tried. It's just something basic that works for me, and I would even say this is just as good as First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Face Moisturizer or Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream. Plus I got it for less than $20, and it comes in a huge jar!

clinique broad spectrum spf 50 sunscreen face cream, lumiere de vie illuminating fading fluid, fresh seaberry moisturizing face oil

clinique | broad spectrum spf 50 sunscreen face cream » I used to hate the smell and texture of sunscreen. It just felt weird! This one however, is very comfortable to wear and doesn't feel like a sunscreen at all. It is a little greasy right after application, though that feeling disappears in about 10 minutes. This was in my November favorites as well!

lumiere de vie | illuminating fading fluid* » I've probably been using this for around two years, and other serums just don't beat it. The main difference I've noticed with my skin is that the redness from around my nose area totally disappeared. I also used to have little bumps around my jawline and nose area, and while it's still a little apparent it's not as bad as it used to be. My mom always said it was because I didn't wash my face thoroughly enough a kid, haha!

fresh | seaberry moisturizing face oil » If you're like me and have super dry skin, this is a lifesaver. I use this after my night shower and my skin just feels soooo good the next morning - soft, more hydrated, and bouncier (if that makes any sense?). I first started out using this every other day thinking it would be too much for everyday use, but that's not the case at all! Less is more and two drops provides ample moisture to my entire face and neck. It smells herbal-y to me which is a scent I really like, though I prefer my skincare products to be not fragranced at all

korres lip butter in rose, jasmine, and mango

korres | lip butters » I consider lips to be a part of skincare too, so here are my favorite lip balms! These lip balms sink in while having a protective layer to seal in the moisture, and something like this was hard for me to find! I especially like slathering this on at bedtime and waking up to soft lips :) When I run out, I'll be buying just the jasmine one - while the mango and wild rose ones leave a nice tint on the lips, color isn't what I'm looking for in a lip balm. Something just bothers me about lip balms that leave a colored stain on my drinking cup...

I'm planning to do a few more posts on my beauty favorites of 2014 like makeup, bodycare, and haircare products. It's certainly too much to cram into one post, haha! What were some of your skincare favorites this year?


  1. yay for a favorites post! i've still yet to sit down and write mine. thanks for introducing me to the skincare link... lots of very useful info in there and i think i'll be spending the next few hours reading it! clinique take the day off is one of my favorites too. i'm interested to try coconut oil too now that you've raved about it!

    rachel x

  2. I have a fällning for the coconut cream!

  3. All that stuff looks really nice! Iove using coconut oil. I've seen that cerave stuff around and have been curious about it! Can't wait to see your makeup post!

  4. Coconut oil, is there anything they can't do?
    I am almost done with my current moisterizer for the
    face and I'm planning to move over to Clinique!
    And I love Korres lipbalm as well! I got the
    'pomegranate' c: Xx http://icepandora.blogspot.com

  5. I would love to try the Korres lip butters because I've heard such great things about them! Coconut oil seems like a great natural makeup remover because I am obsessed with makeup oils but they can be so pricey :|

    Emily // ahemitsemme.blogspot.com

  6. Coconut oil is amazing for your skin! I've loved Clinique moisture surge this year x
    eleanor's adventures // UK Fashion & Beauty Blog

  7. the korres lip butters are great x www.sparklethiscity.blogspot.com

  8. Nice favorites list! Coconut oil is great for so many things! I especially love to use it on my hair. CeraVe is a good moisturizing cream! I did a beauty favorites list and included some skin care products as well! These types of post can be so helpful on information about different products!

  9. Yeah, there's a lot of useful things to learn about skincare over there, and it's helped me save a ton of money on skincare as well! I see that you've written yours now though, can't wait to read it!

  10. If anything, it might be my single most favorite product!

  11. CeraVe is awesome. It might feel a tad sticky but that's what I like in my skincare haha.

  12. I heard it's a healthy alternative to most cooking/baking oils too! I love how Korres lip balm feels, makes my lips feel very soft in the morning when I apply it before bedtime!

  13. The lip balm is pretty much the only product I consistently use from them. I finished up their wild rose moisturizer, it was a little meh. Their yogurt overnight mask made my face burn! But the lip balms, I have a feeling I'll love them forever!

  14. You should! It's the only lip balm I like to use, though it's not very practical to drip grimy fingers in the pots when you're out in public. Coconut oil is my favorite to remove makeup, it gets the waterproof stuff off like a dream. The only con for me is that it doesn't rinse off like makeup oils do, so you'll have to go in with a face cleanser to get it off. I know some people prefer to use just oils and a warm, damp cloth for their makeup removal and cleansing routine though!

  15. My mom and sister loves Clinique moisture surge! I think coconut oil was my favorite beauty purchase this year, it seems like there's nothing it can't do.

  16. I used it on my hair once as a mask, it makes my hair feel so nice! A lot of people seem to use CeraVe as a fullbody moisturizer as well. Checking out your favorites as well!