05 December 2014

wishlist #2

star violet wishlist

I planned on doing a review on the Urban Decay Naked2 Basics palette for today's post but this happened and the sun has gone down so I'll have to do another swatching sometime when good lighting is around. In the meantime, I rounded up a few of my wishlist items to share...

1. asos speech bubble beach bag | I hate to admit that I'm super out of the loop of using reusable bags for groceries. This one is super cute and I can imagine myself looking all cute and stuff, strutting out of the supermarket with this over my shoulder.

2. lush northern lights bath bomb | As huge as Lush is in the beauty blogging community, I've only tried one of their bath bombs and I loved it! It's so relaxing, even though I'm pretty much doing nothing while being lost in my own thoughts for a good 40 minutes. Northern Lights is an especially pretty one, judging from the images on Google.

3. anastasia contour kit | I see a lot of people on YouTube using this, and I really want to try it out for myself! It's not a bad price, $40 for three highlight and three contour shades. And I just realized it's LIMITED EDITION so I better get on that, fast.

4. marvy le pen marker pens - lavender purple & dark grey | I know, I know - $1.15 pens on my wishlist is a really silly thing. I currently have a lavender purple one (snagged from my sister cause she left it here before she went back to school, thanks yo) and I like it a lot. I don't know which other stores sell this pen and it's $25 for free shipping, so.... that's a lot of pens I have to buy for free shipping.

What are some of the things on your wishlist?


  1. Lush's Northern Lights Bath Bomb makes bath water feel, look and smell magical! ^ - ^


  2. I want that contour kit too!! I see so many people talking about it and I'm trying to be good and not buy it lol!!!
    I tried out that bath bomb and it was amazing!! There's little star glitters in it and that's enough to make me happy haha!!

  3. Oh man, the star glitters get me so excited!! I really like stars and skies and space and whatever (lol) so that alone is enough to get me wanting to buy multiple ones RIGHT NOW.

  4. Yeah, I've seen on Google images! It's so pretty, just like a sky in the bathtub!

  5. I just bought it! :)