28 October 2014

shut up and take my money, nordstrom rack

nordstrom rack makeup haul, too faced a la mode eyes, urban decay nail polish

urban decay nail polish

A Nordstrom Rack opened up pretty recently in my area. I checked it out on Sunday, and I screamed on the inside with joy when I saw the makeup on sale. Swooooon. Urban Decay nail polish for $5? I need them. Too Faced A La Mode Eyes palette for $15? Especially since I was gonna buy it full price anyway? YES PLEASE.

Normally I don't like posting a haul when I've done one pretty recently but GUYS. I CANNOT CONTAIN MY EXCITEMENT.


  1. Haha who doesn't love sale! c:
    Enjoy your new purchases
    Becky ^_^ I like the purple
    color nail polish btw!
    Xx http://icepandora.blogspot.com

  2. ahhhh I love Nordstrom rack!! It's where I go when I want a new purse now lol!! That's awesome you got that palette for $15!! And I love those nail colors!

  3. nice bargain!:)
    regards!:) http://majorka94.blogspot.com/

  4. OMG I am so jealous on your palette bargain, I am still unsure whether to get it or not, because the shades are not my cup of tea, but I love Too Faced stuff and palette IS limited edition... Decisions! :) Please do a review soon!


  5. It's always so great to get things discounted. Love the colors in these polishes!

  6. Bargain hunting is super fun and that blue polish is beautiful!

    Heather x

  7. Hehe, thank you! Purple is one of my favorite colors, might consider going back to get a backup!

  8. It's gonna be my new home for the weekends, lol. I'm thinking about getting a new bag as well, something more structured. Guess I'll be looking at Nordstrom Rack for it, haha!

  9. I suppose I should have posted a picture with the palette open, haha. I'd say go for it! It's a pretty decent palette and the only shade that's not "wearable" for everyday would be the bright pink one.

  10. It is! But on the other hand, it makes me feel like it's okay to buy more :P

  11. They're all beautiful to me! Might consider going back tomorrow and getting backups if there are any left~