14 October 2014

astoria park

When I saw Stephanie's post on Astoria Park, I knew I had to go there! I suggested it to Pramod, and so we went.

Lots of seagulls hanging around.

That's probably Manhattan, unless I'm wrong.

There's one part where you can walk near the river, but there isn't much space between the wall and the shore so it was a little scary. Especially since the rocks are slimy, so we didn't want to try stepping on them to go further down. And the smaller rocks... it's actually mostly glass.

Pramod thought I was taking my camera out to get a picture of the other bridge in the area, but instead I took a picture of "dead leaves."

Unfortunately it was a pretty cloudy day and it ended up raining on us. Nevertheless, it's a beautiful park and I'd love to go back on a sunnier day. I must admit it's a little weird to go to the same place someone else has blogged about. I suppose it's just the thought taking pictures of the same things or seeing the same things in the background, and being at the same place at a different time....


  1. That park looks beautiful!! Great pictures, your so good with your camera!

  2. Lovely outing between city and nature,
    great pictures Becky c: Xx

  3. It is beautiful! Thank you, but this is only a handful out of the 100+ I took.... there's still a lot of learning and practicing to do!

  4. Hehe thank you - still working on them camera skills though! I never really noticed the "between city and nature" thing - it's actually quite beautiful now that I think about it!