20 October 2014

instax mini diary 1&2

Sharing my Instax photos cause I think it's cool when other people do it, so if I do it I must be cool too :) I got this camera in June, so the order of when I took these pictures is kind of a blur. I mushed the the first two packs of film for this post, cause I only have a handful of photos I like anyway. In fact I don't even like how the last photo turned out, I like it anyway for sentimental reasons.

There's a bit of a learning curve with  this camera and I ended up wasting a lot of film just cause of inexperience. Some pictures were too bright, some too dark, some too blurry, or just plain bad. What you get in the viewfinder isn't what you'll get in the photo either, so it's more like a guide if anything. I did put a piece of masking tape over the flash cause I was afraid it would be too bright - but in this case, flash is actually a good thing! I feel like it gives the photos a unique "vintagey" feel to it. Plus the masking tape acts like a filter, so it explains the warm look on the last photo.

Don't let what I just wrote discourage you though!! The film for this camera is expensive for what you get, but I think it's worth the mess-ups for the awesome pictures in the end.


  1. Your pictures are so cute x

  2. Ahhh I really want this, definitely on my Christmas wishlist hehe. Love the photos, great way to keep memories :)


    Truly, NY

  3. That's cool there is a view finder even though it's only good for a guide haha! I didn't expect the camera to have that! I still want one so I can force myself to have actual pictures :P

  4. Its a lot of fun to use - a great conversation starter too!

  5. Me either, I'm used to what you see is what you get because of digital photography. Its an unusually nice change to wonder how the photo will turn out!