08 October 2014

everyday makeup

Why is it that I can get a great in a messy bun when I'm at home after work when I don't care about how my hair looks. And when I actually do care and attempt a messy bun, all that ends up happening is a tennis ball-sized lump and a flop of hair to the side. It's a legitimate first world problem.

The makeup for my face doesn't tend to change often - besides eyeshadows, eyeliners, and blushes, I only have one or two of each type of product and they work well for me. I never really understood why some people need 5+ foundations... maybe it's something I'll find out later down the road, and then wonder how I lived with anything less than that. Anyway, here's a rundown of my daily face...

BUT FIRST, it seems like I've messed up the numbers. It was supposed to be numbered in the order that I put it on my face, but I wasn't really thinking when I did this. Sorry in advance if it bothers you, cause it certainly bothers me but I'm just too lazy to fix it n_______n.

1. laura mercier foundation primer protect broad spectrum spf 30 sunscreen pa+++ » Surprisingly, the only makeup product that I'll tolerate using my fingers to apply. I just smear this around so that it sits on top of my skin rather than patting it in.

3. too faced tinted beauty balm in vanilla glow » I like my foundation looking like my skin but more even, so I only put a reaaally thin layer on. Even if I have the occasional pimple, I won't bother covering it up. If I'm feeling fancy, I use NARS Sheer Glow instead.

4. motives for lala eyebrow pencil in dark brown* » I KNOW I SAID I LOVE ANASTASIA DIPBROW. But I'm currently using my only angled brush for gel eyeliner sooooo. Plus using a pencil for eyebrows is a lot quicker than Dipbrow, though I like the result of Dipbrow more.

2. nars radiant creamy concealer in honey & bobbi brown tinted eye brightener in porcelain bisque » Usually people put concealer right after foundation, but since I use a Beauty Blender I'm probably deluding myself into thinking that the foundation should set a little before I go in on it. Yeah, it doesn't make sense. It's okay.

5. dolce & gabbana blush in tan & benefit hoola (mini) » I really like it when it literally looks like there's a straight line of dirt going down under the cheekbones, lol. You could probably see that in the thumbnail, or if you step far away from your screen. I like my foundation looking super natural but I love a strong cheek contour. Go figure.

6. tarte champagne, from rainforest after dark palette » Not shown cause the palette won't fit in the picture. I like that it's a powder so it's really quick and easy to use, and not too subtle or shimmery either. It's something you can put on without really thinking about it.

7. too faced full bloom blush in cocoa rose » I'm wearing Cocoa Rose in the picture, but blush is the only product that really changes with whatever I feel like putting on. Besides this one, Illamasqua Lover and Tarte Exposed are some of my favorite go-to blushes.

These next few are when I have the time - I always plan to wake up at least an hour before I have to leave cause I really hate starting the day off rushing to work! But naturally it usually ends up with me waking up 20 minutes before I have to leave :P

8. motives gel liner in little black dress* » Not relevant but the other day, I left this uncapped cause I late but wanted to look cute for my friend Vennesa later. Imagine the relief when I find that the surface dried up a little, but it's still soft underneath!

9. make up for ever hd microfinish powder » I only set the concealer underneath my eyes when I'm wearing eyeliner and mascara, cause I feel like it helps them products from transferring. I also like brushing some on my lashes to get more volume out of the mascara, as well as to "set" the gel liner.

10. maybelline the falsies flared waterproof in very black » My lashes are so stubborn and hard to work with, so it's a pretty meticulous routine when it comes to mascara. I usually comment that most mascaras don't like to work with me, and it's true - this one works the best, though I still get moderate smudging around 7 or 8 hours of wear time.

Well uh, that's it I guess. I am legitimately sorry for the huge wall of text - it's (kind of) my first time doing something like this, so I'll try my best to improve on that and the overall layout!


  1. you look gorgeous, love this look on you! i especially love your blush and eyeliner - perfectly done :) and of course the messy bun too!

    rachel x

  2. I would also love to know why the perfect messy bun can only be achieved when not leaving the house! The strong contour look looks gorgeous on you, I really love that look too! x

  3. You look Gorgeous! I love your makeup and your hair looks great in a messy bun! I have the same problem- I can never get my messy bun to look good unless I'm like going to bed or something. So annoying lol!! The reason I have a ton of Foundstion is really just because I get bored super easily lol...I use to feel the same way you do but then I couldn't stop buying them. Now I have too much haha!

  4. Haha omg, I'm glad I'm not the only one
    with the messy bun because it happens
    to me all the time :c anyway you look
    lovely! What a clear skin you have
    Becky ^_^ Xx http://icepandora.blogspot.com

  5. Oh my goodness, 'tennis ball'???? Honey you're looking flawless idek what you're talking about! Also, need to get that liner! It looks great


  6. Very nice FOTD look! I like the messy bun as well!


  7. Just found your blog, I absolutely love it! Definitely following :) I am also a big fan of Maybelline The Falsies! :)


  8. Oh my, you are so pretty! Love the look, very appropriate for day time.

  9. It's taken a long time to figure out how to do my makeup to suit my face and eyes, thank you so much! :)

  10. When I do try a messy bun when leaving the house, it never works out. I've literally never had my hair up in a messy bun outside of the house :P Thank you for the kind compliments! ♥ ♥

  11. Thank you!! It seems like a trending problem here, haha. Maybe I'll understand buying tons of different foundations/eyebrows/lipsticks/etc one day~ At least you won't be running out anytime soon!

  12. Thank you! I'm blessed with my mom's genes :) However it does get really dry, so I need a pretty heavy hand with moisturizer and serum or else I'll get flakey!

  13. Hahaha, that's for most days when I attempt a messy bun! I'm starting to like gel liners with an angled brush, prior to that I used a thin paintbrush-type brush and the angled one is so much better for a crisp point!

  14. Thank you! Unfortunately it's one of the few times a messy bun has worked for me :P

  15. Thank you! ♥ But so are you ;)

  16. Thank you! The Falsies mascara was actually my very first makeup purchase, I'm happy I rediscovered it :)

  17. Thank you so much! :)

  18. I swear everytime I saw the thumbnail for this post on BL, I was pretty much like "GLAMAZON" BECAUSE LOOK AT THOSE SCULPTED CHEEKBONES. SLAYING, MAN. SLAYING.

    (But yeah, I really don't understand how people can interchange between 5 foundations at the same time?? I mean, I'm currently devoted to 2 bases right now)

  19. Ahha, I love the power of makeup >:) Today one of my coworkers was like
    "Oh my god, what happened to your eyes??"
    "Uhhhh I put less makeup on?"
    "No, I mean it looks like you didn't get a lot of sleep"
    "Oh yeah I put less makeup on"
    And somehow he still doesn't believe it's the lack of makeup.

    BUT my skin isn't perfect! It's really super dry so if I don't slather my skincare on right after a shower/washing my face, it gets SUPER FLAKEY. I could rub my finger on my nose and them dead skins are gonna be on my finger. It's gross but fascinating at the same time. Plus dark circles that don't go away no matter how much sleep I get ;-;