27 October 2014

i got a mirror!

That's right! If you've been with my blog at the beginning stages, you'll remember my shameless "ootd taken in a target/marshalls/whatever dressing room" posts. Well that's all in the past, cause last weekend Pramod graciously drove me to Ikea to get a mirror. I got the Stave mirror, the same one in the picture. I can now take somewhat proper outfit posts. It's not as legit as the ones in fashion/style blogs, but it's tolerable at the moment. Plus people on Instagram do it all the time, so it's okay right???

Speaking of outfits, here's a lame outfit rundown cause I feel like it n______n
shirt » aerie
cardigan » mossimo (borrowed from sister)
scarf » american eagle
jeans » hurley (MY FAVORITE JEANS EVER)
belt » thrifted
boots » j shoes


  1. yay for a new mirror! that means we get to see your pretty face more often from now on hehe. love your comfy outfit, especially the cardigan and scarf :)

    rachel x

  2. Ooooo I love your outfit!!! And that's a nice mirror!! I need a new one too haha!

  3. My mirror is one of those sliding wardrobe doors, it's huge! I love these boots :) you wouldn't think you were ill at all!

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

  4. I would love a full length mirror! I often find myself running to the bathroom or running downstairs to check on my outfit :| I really like your outfit as well!

    Emily // ahemitsemme.blogspot.com

  5. So while I'm totally uninterested in the mirror, I'm totally crushing on your outfit. IT IS PERFECTION. PERFECTION!!!!!! (and I need to step up my chunky oversized cardi game)

  6. Ahahah oh stop it, flattery will get you anywhere with me ;)

  7. Thank you! It was around $40, so not too bad!

  8. Ah, I wish I had a mirror that big! But then again, you'd be able to see all the mess I call my room, so maybe not ;)

  9. Yeah man, I used to have to stand on the bathtub ledge to check my outfit. My mom wants one for the front entrance area now too!

  10. Loooool the mirror gets me more excited than anything at the moment!! Thank you n_______n, I think I am learning how to dress myself nicely now because I totally remember pairing a light pink hoodie with a dark green shirt and light blue jeans in high school, not one of my proudest moments :P